Sunday, January 11, 2015

2005 in Music: Jennifer Lopez - Rebirth

Ironically, for Jennifer Lopez, Rebirth was the beginning of the end--well musically. Up and until this point, JLo had three multi-platinum albums and 9 top ten singles, but the release of this fourth effort put a halt to all of that (bar, "On the Floor," the first many collaborations with rapper Pitbull, that rejuvenated her career for a short while). The album became her first not to land an American top ten and her first to not go platinum. But that aside, how does the album hold up? While JLo has quite a handful of solid songs in her discography, you can't necessarily credit her with churning out solid albums. Rebirth traces around the edges of your standard pop, R&B (the albums biggest hit "Get Right") and the clattering drum and horn sound ("Whatever You Want") that for some reason really popular this year, being emulated by the likes of Amerie and Toni Braxton and some faux soul ("Still Around"). My favourite though, is the more reigned-in pop of, "Hold You Down." 

Best: Hold You Down, Get Right, Step into My World. 

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Cook In / Dine Out said...

The beginning of the end indeed. Her movie career took a bad turn as well. I just saw a trailer for her upcoming movie, and it looks awful. I want back the Jennifer Lopez that starred with Clooney in Out of Sight and sang "Waiting for Tonight."