Sunday, January 18, 2015

2005 in Music: 50 Cent - The Massacre

Perhaps, more known for its big sales rather than a solid entry into the hip-hop cannon... and of course, "Candy Shop." 50 Cent's sophomore album was probably more unadulterated fun than intelligent (like say, Kanye's masterpiece Late Registration). But simplicity and a lack of depth, doesn't necessarily cease the enjoyment of this overlong album--my biggest hang up is that: sex is great ("Get in My Car"), bragging is great too ("Piggy Bank"), but twenty-two tracks is an arduous task for anyone who doesn't really have anything important to say. However, when the beats are infectious you can somewhat understand the need for the extravagance.

Best: Candy Shop, Just a Little Bit, Ryder Music, Piggy Bank.