Saturday, December 20, 2014

Miguel drops surprise EP

It seems only good things can come from this whole 'surprise release' mentality that, seemingly, more and more artists are adopting (soon there will be no more artists lip-synching or screeching on Good Morning America in a bid to promote their albums). American singer Miguel dropped a surprise three-track EP on Soundcloud this morning--not quite the high-profile circus of Beyoncè or Black Messiah--but it's Miguel, and he got in my good books after the release of his brilliant sophomore record Kaleidoscope Dream and his collaboration with Mariah Carey on 2013's "#Beautiful."

Miguel sounds just as soulful and erotic as ever, I mean just look at the cover. First up we have, "nwa" featuring rapper Kururpt (who stylistically re-calls that of Snoop Dogg and upon further investigation turns out that he's actually on Snoop's record label) which sports a minimalistic production with raw instrumentation packed beneath bursts of guitar, backed with a vocal that's reminiscent of Pharrell Williams.

"Hollywood Dreams," picks up the energy; pushing a bigger and more prominent beat and a slightly heavier electronic guitar line beneath the production.

"Coffee," illustrates moody and spacey atmospherics that feels plucked out of Kaleidoscope Dream--thus making it my favourite out of the three tracks.

Check it the EP below:

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