Monday, August 19, 2013

What I'm Listening To...

Here are current tracks that have been wracking up spins on my iTunes and Spotify account lately:

The 1975 - Head.Cars.Bending. Unfortunately this gem won't be featured on the English bands upcoming self-titled debut album. It's a brooding, downbeat number, driven with moody undertones, beat and synth-heavy compassion. It's also slightly psychedelic with its layered vocal work.

Arctic Monkeys - Do I Wanna Know? The first Arctic Monkeys track I've been excited about in a while. The guitar work, the persistent drum beat and distinctive chorus--with the production becoming amplified during the second half of the chorus. It's perfect.

Ariana Grande - Right There (feat. Big Sean). Sampling Lil Kim's "Crush on You," Ariana takes another step into capturing the mid '90s R&B essence that the sound of her forthcoming debut album Yours Truly is being built around.

Jay-Z - Fuckwithmeyouknowigotit (feat. Rick Ross).  This moody number--layered with a skittering beat and quiet synth tones is one of the highlights from Jay-Z's latest LP, Magna Carter... Holy Grail. 

Avicii - Wake Me Up. The folksy guitar against the euphoric dance-floor synths makes this one of the most interesting dance tracks in quite a while.

Lorde - Royals. New Zealand singer/songwriter's debut single, "Royals" is a nice mid-tempo, backed with prominent clicks and beats, quiet warbling synths. The song has landed her first chart-topper in New Zealand and now sits atop of the US Alternative charts--making her the first female alternative musician to do so in 17 years.

MKS - Flatline. The reformed original lineup of the Sugababes--now under the name MKS--initially felt a little half-baked and nothing I'd ever take seriously, but the first since 2001 is a corker, particularly the harmonies on that blustery chorus.


rcLoy said...

Lorde is surprisingly good. Even our local radio station are spinning the tune.

MKS! Oo la la~ :D

And everyone knows that you are obsessed about Ariana these days!

J.Mensah said...

I really do like it! I'm glad it's finding success... especially in the states.

I seriously am. I really can't wait for her album.

(And thank you for commenting. It's so nice to finally see comments again lol)

Big C said...

It is really nice to see Ms. Grande getting great press and buzz around her album. I've been consistently impressed with her vocal ability. Definitely a promising career.

Lorde, comes out delivering the punches. Excited to see how her career unfolds.

Elvin Mensah said...

Ah yes! Me too! Her voice is really mesmerising, I was kinda shocked when I first heard it on "The Way" I really didn't expect it from a Nickelodeon star.