Saturday, August 17, 2013

Ariana Grande 'Yours Truly' preview

I didn't expect that this year one of my most anticipated release would be from Nickelodeon star, Ariana Grande. But I also didn't expect her debut single, "The Way" would be one of my favourite singles of the year so far. Its sound reminiscent of Mariah Carey at her most pop/R&B-lite. Here's quick preview of her forthcoming debut album, Yours Truly. Check out the live versions of the tracks here.

Right There (feat. Big Sean). This is an instant favourite. A deliciously R&B sound plucked right from the mid-90s--literally--the song samples Lil' Kim's 1997 hit, "Crush on You" (which actually samples "Rain Dance" by The Jeff Lorber Fusions).

Honeymoon Avanue. Melodious and stripped back to harmonious cooing, clicks and bursts of subtle trumpets.

Baby, I. The second single, although not as striking as "The Way," is still a cute ditty that's marinated with old school R&B. To be more specific, it sounds like a fusion of Ashanti's "Rock Wit U (Awww Baby)" and Mariah Carey's "Secret Love."

Tattooed Heart. A swaying, slightly Motown inspired ballad with soaring vocal work--backed with horns, prominent drums and piano.

Lovin' It. Another slinky, old school R&B mid-tempo, bolstered with horns, skittering drum work and jaunty piano keys. It also samples something I can't quite put my finger on.

Piano. As the title suggests, a piano laced happy-go-lucky number, with a nice twangy guitar beneath the bass-heavy composition.

Daydreamin'. A slightly sultry retro number with the obligatory twinkling piano keys, horns and drums. It's something that wouldn't sound out of place on Pixie Lott's debut album.

You'll Never Know. A cute ditty in the same vein as "Baby, I" saturated with fluttering falsetto vocal work.

Almost Is Never Enough (feat. Nathan Sykes). A lovely melodious piano-laced ballad. Of course, Grande sounds beautiful, but who knew Sykes let alone any member of The Wanted could actually sing.

Better Left Unsaid. This breaks away from the routine of R&B/pop and divulges into a beat-heavy dance-pop oriented production--nicely intercut with heavy drums.

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