Saturday, February 18, 2012

Single Reviews

I know it's been rather quiet on here lately, but I'm planning on getting back to blogging reguarly sometime in March when I finally get my laptop fixed--for now here's some reviews for some new singles:

Part of Me - Katy Perry (3.5/5). Taken as the lead single from the forthcoming re-release from Katy Perry's 2nd studio album Teenage Dream, "Part of Me" is pretty sub-standard pop from the hitmaker--heavy underpinning beat, synths and guitars probably cutting from the same vein as "Teenage Dream," so nothing particuarly new--maybe bar the bitter lyrics. It's looking to make quite a big splash on the Hot 100 next week--predicted to open in the top 3 with the biggest first week sales since Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" around the same time last year.

Bad Girls - M.I.A. (4.5/5). Hot on the heels of her recent collab with Madonna, M.I.A. releases "Bad Girls," of what I assume is the lead single from the British rapper's forthcoming fourth album. I always assumed only pretentious music snobs liked M.I.A, but after spinning this a few times, it's grown on me quite a lot. I admire the exotic, Indian-drenched theme pinned under inconsistent drum beats. Bar "Paper Planes" and perhaps this track, I'm never going to understand why M.I.A. is so critically acclaimed but I'm wlling to learn.

Gimme All Your Luvin - Madonna, Nicki Minaj & M.I.A. (3.5/5). Madonna's comback single didn't reach the heights of say "Hung Up" or "4 Minutes." Unlike those numbers, Madonna seems to go back to basics with this--stripped down to catchy poppy beats with an underliningdistorted guitar--it reminds a little of something pulled out of 2000's Music--with Nicki Minaj roped in for a younger appeal. It's not great but not awful either.

Starships - Nicki Minaj (3/5). After "Stupid Hoe" hit a bum note, Nicki Minaj's new single seems like more a saftey net. While this has received a great reception--currently in the top 10 in the UK--this is way more pop than I like my Nicki Minaj.


rcLoy said...

Was just about to ask you about whether you like the Madonna song or not. I don't find it particularly engaging enough. Same goes for Katy, sound the same as Teenage Dream with way bitter lyrics. And the live Grammy performance is a yawn-fest. Wait, did you check out Nicki Minaj's god awful Roman's Holiday performance? Seriously go check it out.

J.Mensah said...

Ah! Her performance was so fucked up! Lol, Absolutely crazy and I think she offended every christian and catholic in the world? I think...

rcLoy said...

I'm not a christian nor a catholic and I'm offended! By her nonsense, its' totally random and she's getting more and more ridiculous. UGH