Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Emeli Sandè 'Our Version of Events' Preview

The sampler for British newcomer Emeli Sandè's upcoming debut album Our Version of Events, due 13 February has been released. Here's a quick rundown:

1. Heaven. The slick, hollowing trip-hop inspired lead single, lined with prominent drum patterns that everyone should be familiar with now.

2. My Kind of Love. This is a little Alicia Keys. Again, very hollowing but a little less frenetic in the drum front, adopting a more soulful and laid-back tempo in comparison to "Heaven."

3. Where I Sleep. Verging into more bluesy R&B tinged territory--all rather downbeat.

4. Mountains. This was apparently meat for Leona Lewis but was taken back to include on this album. It's another downbeat number--softening beats, soaring orchestration and whimsically atmospheric.

5. Clown. Unfortunately not a Mariah Carey cover. This is the first piano ballad wrapped up nicely with Sandè's bold and soulful vocal.

6. Daddy. The second single. It's similar to "Heaven" in many respect--particularly its drum heavy frame and hollowing backdrop.

7. Maybe. This is the most downbeat track on the albums first half--layering very soft pondering beats and strings. Not quite as captivating as the previous tracks but still quite nice.

8. Suitcase. Sandè gets a little Motown on here, quite nicely juxtaposed against the soft beats, guitar picking and strings.

9. Breaking the Law. Lovely acoustic guitar ballad.

10. Next to Me. This sounds like it would make a perfect third single. Very fulfilling production, melodically charged almost like Adele doing real uptempo.

11. River. This sounds a little underwhelming--not distinctive melody from what I can tell but perhaps it has more to offer in its entirety.

12. Lifetime. Quirky production--scattering drum patterns lined with piano keys and Sandè's beautiful falsetto.

13. Hope. I can't wait to here this on in particular in full. It sounds awesome. Very nice melody that isn't buried beneath the drum beats and hollowing atmospherics.

From what I can hear, this is going to be a good if not great debut album from the British singer. I can't to here it in full. Check out the sampler below:

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