Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Grammy's 2012 AOTY Nominations

Here are the Grammy nominees for next year's Albums of the Year award. Although I'm not completely ignorant to the goings on with the Grammy's, I'm not usually particuarly fussed about who gets nominated and who doesn't. However, I believe this is the first time I've owned, listened and reviewd every album nominated in the catergory (It's a pretty mainstream collection this year). Here's a quick run-down of the nominees in order of who I think (or rather want) to win:

Click on titles to read my review.

Adele - 21. What I said: "19 was a good album, but 21 is a stunner. Musically, more compelling—more complex—more endearing, showcasing musical growth on the most sophisticated level and lyrical maturity however in the midst of it all not losing that slight touch of youth (although it is slightly ballad-heavy, which is fine) therefore still acts as an idealistic sequel to 19." (4.5/5)

Foo Fighters - Wasting Light. What I said: "So could this be their best album to date? Wasting Light is way up there with the Foo Fighters past work. It can mingle with One by One just as well as it can rock out with The Colour and the Shape. Packed with hard-hitting, power-rock as well as nurturing some more dispiriting moments. It's an undeniable winner for the band. It's definitely the best rock album of the year so far." (4.5/5)

Lady Gaga - Born This Way. What I said: "It's nothing short of a thrilling pop record. The ultimate pop album? Not in so many words. But it definitely has all the ingredients: It's invigorating, exciting, consistent, cohesive, masterfully over-the-top all with an underlining authentic inspirational message. It's everything Gaga stands for. 'Weird' is now the new cool and showcases why she is the best of the best when it comes to high-quality, top-notch, masterful pop. It's definitely one of the best pop albums of the year so far." (4.5/5)

Bruno Mars - Doo-Wops and Hooligans. What I said: "It's run time is only 30 minutes long but not enough solid tracks to back it up, and where it does fall short is its flimsy mid-section--which is kind of weird considering it's because of its lighthearted stance, why I liked this album to begin with. But in all, it's not a bad effort, just not as solid as I had hoped." (3.5/5)

Rihanna - Loud. What I said: "Loud acts as the perfect counterpart to Rated R, as well as being yet another solid pop album. Where it disappoints is it slightly generic outlook and its lack of topical direction, although I do feel I probably would’t be saying that if this album did indeed follow Good Girl Gone Bad—It feels like a good follow-up to both." (4/5)

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