Thursday, December 22, 2011

Bye iTunes

Hello Spotify.

Yesterday I was finally convinced enough to leave iTunes and run into the arms of Spotify. Being an avid iTunes user since 2006, I didn't want to believe that there was a better, more convenient music player and music service out there. I've always over-looked the flaws of iTunes and the idea of cherry-picking my music collection to put my iPhone (which I absolutely hate doing), but then came Spotify a service that allows you to stream from the 15 million track cloud storage.

At £10 a month, to use their service on my phone and stream their songs both online and offline, I find it more convenient than buying songs on iTunes to listen to the whole thing--even songs that I know that I won't care for after a week. Some may argue that you probably wouldn't purchase £120 worth of tracks on iTunes anyway, so the idea of it being a cheaper option is immaterial. However, the music you would listen to on Spotify knowing that you have a fixed rate to pay every month will probably exeed £120.

The problem now is that I have a collection of nearly 1,000 albums (both digital and physical) that I have built up for almost a decade, which I'll never use again.


rcLoy said...

So how's the experience? Better than iTunes?

J.Mensah said...

It's pretty good apart from the fact that they're missing a couple albums I really like :( but better than iTunes? I don't know yet lol