Sunday, November 06, 2011

What I'm Listening To...

Haven't done this in awhile, here's what's been on heavy rotation on my iPhone lately:
  • "Lego House" Ed Sheeran - A brilliant slice of downbeat balladry from Ed Sheeran--twiddling guitar strings pondering over piano chords and soft drum patterns--it cuts more the tame pop of "The A Team" than the urban-shadowed beat-heavy venture of "You Need Me."
  • "Rumour Has It" Adele - Honestly, I've been playing "Rumour Has It" just as much as any other track on 21, but I guess it deserves a mention now that it's a single. It finds Adele returning to the feisty and somewhat vengeful rooting of "Rolling in the Deep," miles away from the subtlety of "Somone Like You."
  • "We Found Lovc" Rihanna - I reckon this will be on heavy rotation on the radio a long time, so I thought I'd wait until Rihanna's sixth album Talk That Talk came out (in 2 weeks) before I owned it, so I didn't get sick of it.
  • "Cough Syrup" Young the Giant - Thanks to my buddy Loy who directed my attention to American alternative band Young the Giant. "Cough Syrup" is the current single from their self-titled debut. Great slice of anthemic rock--harbouring the typical instrumentals--not particularly breaking any ground but a damn good tune this is.
  • "Princess of China" Coldplay/Rihanna - I wasn't impressed with the latest Coldplay album, Mylo Xyloto but it did have some highlights--the more urban inspired synth-rock of "Princess of China" featuring non other than Rihanna--who weirdly sounds right at home on here.
  • "With UR Love" Cher Lloyd Featuring Mike Posner - I'll be honest, "Swagger Jagger" was one of the worst excuses for a "song" I had heard for a long, long, long time, hence why I didn't really give any written attention, however this more tame, but still pumped with attitude, "With UR Love" is way better, not only by comparison but in its own right.
  • "Sexy And I Know It" LMFAO - It's incredibly hypocritical of me to slam "Swagger Jagger" and say I've been playing this quite a lot, but what can you do... I'm sexy and I know it.
  • "Wherever You Go" Charlene Soraia - Absolutely beautiful cover of The Calling's hit "Wherever You Go," stripped down to just vocal and piano. Stunning.
  • "It Will Rain" Bruno Mars - Awesome downbeat new single from Bruno Mars supporting the forthcoming Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn Part 1.


rcLoy said...

Young The Giant!! Seriously dude, just go and get their album :)
BTW lovin' the Adele, Ed and Rihanna. So many good music out there these days :)

J.Mensah said...

I'm gonna get the album soon! I promise!