Friday, October 28, 2011

Seeing Arctic Monkeys Tommorow! - Updated

Tommow night, I'll be attending my first real concert ever: The Arctic Monkey's Suck It and See Tour comes to the London O2! I can't wait! It's a shame I never really did get into their latest album, which I assume they'll be perfoming a lot of the tracks--but it doesn't matter. Just as long as they fit in a handful of their classics in there ("Dancefloor," "When the Sun Goes Down," "Teddy Picker," "Brianstorm" etc) Woohoo!!!


It was amazing! One of the best nights of my life. Pictures below (didn't get too many, I feared my phone would be knocked out my hand):


rcLoy said...

I think you mean Brianstorm. HAHA.

Enjoy yourself and snap some pictures! :)

J.Mensah said...

That's so weird, I've never looked at the title closely, I've always assumed it was Brainstorm lol I guess I shouldve thought I was wrong cause the opening lyric is "Brian..."

ww_adh said...

Did you have a good time? My first concert was R.E.M. when I was 17 for the Monster tour in 1995. Who opened?

J.Mensah said...

It was Amazing! The best night of my life! I'm uploading some pictures now.

The Vaccines opened.