Wednesday, September 07, 2011

PJ Harvey wins Mercury Prize

Last night, British singer/song-writer PJ Harvey took away the 2011 Mercury prize for her eighth album Let England Shake, beating out hot competition from the year's biggest story in pop Adele's 21 and British rapper Tinie Tempah's debut Disc-Overy (don't particularly understand the reasoning behind that nomination, Tempah is certainly no Dizzee Rascal and this album is definitely no Boy In Da Corner).

This is the second time PJ Harvey has won the Mercury prize, taking away the award back in 2000 with her fifth album Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea, making her the first artist to accomplish this feat. Of course a glance at the nominations prior, you would have probably guessed Adele's 21 would have been an obvious choice for winner however, it's been suggested that her boisterous sales definitely outweighed the albums critical reception.

I've heard nothing but positive reviews for Let England Shake, critics calling it well-crafted, enchanting etc. But I've given it a few listens and can't get into it. I normally like a little alternative, folkish, rock/pop but perhaps this is a little bit too inaccessible for me?

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Adam Gosden said...

I'm glad she won it because it's a good album. But she has done better albums than this one that have gone unrecognised (like 'Rid of Me' and 'Is This Desire?'). And to be honest I thought Anna Calvi was the clear winner. But the people at the mercury prize never go for the obvious choice.