Friday, August 19, 2011

Sinles Reviews

You & I - Lady Gaga (4.5/5). Great new single from Gaga--her first non-tempo in her extensive batch of catchy uptempo pop. Dramatic, straddling electronic guitars, drums cultivating that classic '70s soulful rock sound. Of course, it's accompanying video is just as spectacular. Definitely one of the best off Born This Way.

All Fired Up - The Saturdays
(4/5). Currently one of three British girl groups making any music, The Saturdays return with "All Fired Up" following the rather soft reception of last single "Notorious." I wasn't particularly fussed with it, although I thought the whole Notorious image was quite trite and disjointed--The Saturdays do not look like the kind of girls to actually be "gangster(s) on the dancefloor" more like petty thieves doing the 2-step in the far back corner of a club. Anyway, this new single is better. Not particularly breaking any ground--your typical euro-trance dancefloor filler, repetitive lyrics, gushing synths etc.

Lucky Day - Nicola Roberts (4/5). Unfortunately "Beat of My Drum" didn't catch on as well as Roberts maybe had hoped. I'm not convinced this new follow up "Lucky Day" will do any better, but it's pretty good. She has a quirky essence about her that I find enduring.

Dappy (From N-Dubz) - No Regrets (3.5/5). It's not a Robbie Williams cover unfortunately. It looks like N-Dubz is slowly drifting apart, as Tulisa debuts her role as X Factor Judge tommorow and now Dappy becomes a solo artist... not quite sure what the last member is doing. This isn't what I expected as a solo effort--taking the more inspirational, gospel-tinged route, than the harsh British grime-tipped route I expected. It's okay, I guess.

Otis - Jay-Z & Kanye West feat. Otis Redding (3/5). Super hip-hop duo Kanye & Jay-Z's lead single "Otis" from their new collaboriative album Watch the Throne, is a pretty standard hip-hop affair, boasting lyrics and what-not. I'm a little tired of what seems like the same beats, same "look at my life" lyrics... I'm just... bored? Aren't you? Well Watch the Throne is currently #1 on the Billboard 200 with 426k sold, so I guess I'm alone.

It Girl - Jason DeRulo (3/5). Run-of-the-mill Jason DeRulo single. It's catchy.

Lick Ya Down - Cover Drive (1/5). Really?


rcLoy said...

Nicola Roberts' Beat of My Drum, what a waste. I'm not sold about Lucky Day but maybe a few listen will change my mind.

Not crazy about The Saturdays, Missing You is much better.

You & I, one of the best this year, don't you think so?

Not listening to Pumped Up Kicks? Stereo Hearts? Skyscraper?

ww_adh said...

I'm getting into All Fired Up much more so than Notorious, which I thought was really weak. I like Otis, but I think Watch the Throne has better songs.