Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Britney and Gaga Fourth Singles

Only 3-4 month in since the release of Britney's seventh album Femme Fatale and Lady Gaga's second Born This Way, both ladies are already prepped to release their fourth singles soon.

For Gaga, it's "Yoü and I" the enthralling ode to soulful '70s rock. To Born This Way what "Speechless" was to The Fame Monster and what "Brown Eyes" was to The Fame. Quite interesting that she's opted for something a little different in comparison to previous singles as prior to this her slowest single was probably "Paparazzi" and even that had a distinctive dance-pop edge to it.

Similarly, Britney's (although only half-confirmed) choice is a little different too. It's the churning, dirty-themed, electro-R&B of "Inside Out," noticeably a slower tempo than anything she's released since "Everytime" in 2004.


Project Mobius said...

Have you noticed that Britney's been going down the tracklist of Femme Fatale when releasing singles? I actually don't think this is a bad idea, as "Inside Out" was one of my favorite tracks from the album when it came out. However, I'd expect her to skip "How I Roll" and go to "(Drop Dead) Beautiful" for her 5th single from the album, as I predict that Sabi will become semi-popular after "You Make Me Feel..." gets the popularity it deserves.

Project Mobius said...

Note: It's not an exact science, as "I Wanna Go" is track 4 on Femme Fatale, while "Inside Out" is track 3. Still, though, the tracklist was put together relatively expertly on the album!

J.Mensah said...

Honestly, if she's looking for another hit, I'm not sure what else on FF could be it. I don't think "Beautiful" would really do anything really.