Saturday, June 11, 2011

Singles Reviews

Beat of My Drum - Nicola Roberts (4/5)
How to Love - Lil Wayne (4/5)
Changed the Way You Kiss Me - Example (4/5)
Smile - Avril Lavinge (3.5/5)
Monster - Paramore (2/5)
Don't Wanna Go Home - Jason DeRulo (2/5)

Beat of My Drum - Nicola Roberts (4/5). As far as standouts go, I don't have one this week. However, the best of the bunch this week is the debut release from Girls Aloud affiliate Nicola Roberts, the third member from the group to go solo--following Cheryl Cole and the failed attempt of Nadine Coyle. "Beat of My Drum" is a pretty fun number--definitely not something I was excepting her to put out. Pouncing with clattering drum beats and synths with a kind of Ting Tings like lyrical flair (particularly on the chorus) and an Ellie Goulding like thick-accent diction. Unfortunately, this is looking to be a chart dud for Roberts. What's a girl gotta do to outshine Cole, aye? Sarah, your up!

How to Love - Lil Wayne (4/5). 3 singles in and almost 2 months to go until Tha Carter IV and American rapper Lil Wayne finally lands that commerical, more pop-orientated single to really launch the forthcoming album (ala what "Lollipop" did for Tha Carter III), however unlike "Lollipop" on here Wayne's isn't an aggressive sex monster but a sensitive crooner, showcased with the sweet guitar melody and soft bass.

Changed the Way You Kiss Me - Example (4/5). A little different from the upbeat dancefloor-filler/rap of his previous singles, Example's latest single gets a little grittier and darker--flaunting a numbing, metallic dub-step composition. It's still a winner from the British rapper.

Smile - Avril Lavinge (3.5/5). A lot swearing, stuttering abrasive guitars and an awesome blaring chorus. Overall, better than "What the Hell." Still, no where near her best work.

Monster - Paramore (2/5). American rockers Paramore's new single "Monster" (soundtrack for the new Transformers movie) is a little bland--no distintive melody and a pretty standard angry guitar-rock production. I'll take a pass on this one.

Don't Wanna Go Home - Jason DeRulo (2/5). Sampling Robin S' 1993 dance-hit"Show Me Love," Jason DeRulo's new single is certainly fun, but I can't help but feel a little lazy. Is it not just the same generic party lyrics we've heard time and time again over the instrumental someone elses song?


Paul said...

i am devastated that Nicola went into the UK charts at 27. 27!!! Surely this is a hideous joke that Nadine is playing on the world?!

J.Mensah said...

Hehe :) You know what? It probably is.

ww_adh said...

I like the Jason DeRulo sampling of Robyn and I also really like Lil Wayne's new single. Not into Nicola Roberts or Avril Lavigne.