Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Guardian Lauds Alexandra Burke

Alexandra Burke's tour--which saw the X Factor winner returning to her hometown, London, after weeks of hitting major cities up and down the country--received a nice write-up in the The Guardian this week. Caroline Sullivan states, "There is a reason winners of The X Factor rarely go on the road after the obligatory X Factor Live tour: few can hold an audience's attention for longer than the length of an earnest ballad," and continues "Burke is the exception." About the tour, Sullivan says its, "solidly entertaining. Burke is an uplifting character voice with big, catchy songs, and sometimes nothing else is required." Sounds like an awesome show.


rcLoy said...

I'm surprised that YOU never been to any of her show since how we all know how much you LOVE her! This is like if GaGa is performing here and I didn't camp out to buy tix. Right?

J.Mensah said...

I'm not a concert person, mainly because my mum thinks I'll get stabbed if I go.