Saturday, January 15, 2011

Avril Lavigne, Kanye West and Jay-Z

With the release of the new Britney Spears single “Hold it Against Me,” you may have (or maybe it's just me) forgotten that there were other releases too, such as “What the Hell” pop/rock singer Avril Lavigne's first proper single in 3 years and “H-A-M” a collaborative between American rappers Kanye West and Jay-Z.

What the Hell – Avril Lavinge

Very upbeat Max Martin co-produced catchy pop—in the same vein as her smash hit “Girlfriend” but less edgy or endearing. Kinetic hand claps and beats with a young cheerleading-type romp. I wouldn't be surprised if the video was set in an American high school with Lavigne pretending to be 16 year old with a Glee inspired set. It's not great but nothing terrible either. Her fourth album Goodbye Lullabye is out March 8.

H-A-M – Kanye West and Jay-Z

Less impressive is “H-A-M” a subtle abbreviation for Hard Ass Motherfucker. The lead single from the forthcoming collaborative album from both Kanye West and Jay-Z. It's a standard (very standard actually) hip-hop production; skittering drum beats with synthetic undertones; lyrically talking about vaginas, white girls, penis' and “niggas.” It's basically every hip-hop stereotype rolled into a 4 minute track. “I'm about to HAM,” I'd rather you not.


rcLoy said...

"“I'm about to HAM,” I'd rather you not." CLASS!

Paul said...

I quite like the Avril song, but my standards are horribly low in January, musicwise. Coincidentally it's when I hooked up with some shockingly bad people in school and college too :/

brian morris said...

I agree with rcloy it isn't the blueprint or graduation.

ww_adh said...

"HAM" is getting surprising little attention. I just realized this morning that it was available at iTunes. I'm surprised it isn't a bigger deal.

J.Mensah said...

It's not a bigger deal because it sucks.