Sunday, December 19, 2010

What I'm Listening to...

I haven't done this in awhile, here's a quick round-up of what's been on repeat on my iPod lately. There's quite a few of them:

Terrible Love - The National. Brooklyn rockers The National's fifth album High Violet has really grown on me, it's now one of my favorite albums this year. It's a chilling set, unravelling a haunting web of vertiginous rock sounds. Current single "Terrible Love" lumbers with layers of muffled guitar effects and haunting soundscapes, exhibiting a dizzying climatic clash of intense rock towards the end.

Kidz - Take That. Military-esque stomping, heavy bass lines, synths and piano keys, the forthcoming new Take That single is a nice switch up from the sweeping British pop of "The Flood." I don't think they have explored this Muse-inspired progressive electronic rock sound before.

Rolling in the Deep - Adele. Lets hope English singer Adele has more of a comeback with this cool toe-tapping drum-heavy number with gutaric undertones than former-rival Duffy.

Fuckin' Perfect - P!nk. This is quite anthem for the girls, isn't it? Like most of P!nk's recent hits, it's produced by pop mastermind Max Martin, also quite the soaring ballad with a message in the same vein as previous single "Raise Your Glass."

Moment 4 Life - Nicki Minaj feat. Drake. I've been listening to American rapper Nicki Minaj's debut album Pink Friday a lot, there's a lot on there could land her a handful of hits, but following the pop-influenced sounds of "Your Love" and "Right Thru Me" is the more optimistic R&B flourishing "Moment 4 Life," with label-mate Drake.

It's Ok - Cee Lo Green. Trailing that awesome old fashioned sound (I say old fashioned because I'm not sure what decade, '50s? '60s?) in the same vein as "Fuck You!" He's found a formula and made it work. Go Cee Lo!

Hurts - Sunday. Pulsing bass lines, synths and dramatic soundscapes and strings. The new Hurts single is great although I wouldn't put it over "Stay" or "Wonderful Life." Also, as great as it is, I think "Blood, Tears & Gold" could be a good single too.

Invincible - Tinie Tempah feat. Kelly Rowland. Your standard piano-assisted R&B/pop ditty, but still obviously very appealing. Another hit for Tinie? Probably.

Lights On - Katy B feat. Ms. Dynamite. Cool afro-centric dance beats, awesome party-friendly track. Just as good as the dub-step exploring "On a Mission." Nice to see Ms. Dynamite back again.

Keeping My Baby - Duffy. Quite downbeat and dramatic with the old fashioned Bond-styled chorus. Hopefully lands the Welsh singer a hit, following the underperformance of "Well Well Well."

Hold My Hand - Michael Jackson feat. Akon. I like this a lot better than "Breaking News," I love the whole modern R&B feel about it--Akon is a bit annoying though.

The Flood - Cheryl Cole. I'd call this the best of a bad situation, it's one of the few songs off Ms. Cole's album that I actually like. It's a pretty decent enough ballad.

Raining Men - Rihanna feat. Nicki Minaj. Skittering drum beats, attitude-driven lyrics in the same vein of Beyonce's "Diva" and "Video Phone."

When We Colide - Matt Cardle. Loving the X Factor winner's single, now christmas #1. I don't think I've really liked an X Factor winner's single so much, maybe since Alexandra Burke's "Hallelujah."

Christmas is in the Air Again - Mariah Carey. This is an album cut from Mariah's new Christmas album. It's stunning take on a classic '50s sound, glazing strings with a fairy-tale like backdrop, effectively worked by Carey's breathy vocals which actually work pretty well here.

The Time (The Dirty Bit) - The Black Eyed Peas. This is such a great... no, I'm kidding.

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Paul said...

Loving the Hurts, Mariah, Matt, Cee-Lo and Duffy tracks. the latter two aren't people i've blogged much about (ditto Nicki Mingehair) but their music has pervaded my ears and won me over. And surely surely surely Shirley, Kidz must be the next take that single?!