Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Previewing Michael Jackson's Michael

I got the new posthumous Michael Jackson album today, and while I'm not that impressed (I wasn't expecting to be anyway) there are a handful of good tracks on here. If you heard "This is It" last year, that cliche '70s inspired mid-tempo groove, that's what it sounds like the sound of this album is built around (particuarly my favorite track so far "Best of Joy") save for the more modern sounding "Hold My Hand" with Akon and beat-driven bass lines of "Hollywood Tonight" and "Breaking News" which definitely re-call that of 2001's Invincible. Review will be up this weekend, probably the last album I'll review before I post my Best of 2010 list.


ww_adh said...

Too many slow songs. Also, It's bugging me knowing that he wasn't in the studio to finish these. Back in the day, I remember reading about how relentless he was about perfecting his songs in the studio.


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J.Mensah said...

ww_adh. I love the slow songs, (I loved the slow songs on Invincible too, epscially "Don't Walk Away") that album is so god-damn long you discover new tracks everytime you listen to it.

Web Sheriff. No problem! Thanks for the link! :)