Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Alexandra Burke 'Overcome'

From one X Factor winner to another, Alexandra Burke has had quite stellar 2010, landing 3 top 10 hits and a double-platinum certification for her debut album Overcome, trailing the same format of Leona Lewis' circa 2008, Burke ends the year with a re-packaging of that album, re-titled Overcome - The Deluxe Edition, adding four new tracks, new cover and DVD disc compiling all her music videos thus far. Here's a quick overview of the new tracks:

  • Start without You (feat. Laza Morgan). You already know this one, the chart topping pop/reggae fusion, capitalizing on both lyrical nonsense ("eh boy, I push it out," what exactly?) and just good fun. I know it's quite cheesy and ultimately not a pop song with quality as its main priority, but is some misguided way, it's irresistible.
  • The Silence (Single Mix). Not actually a new track, but the single mix of current single "The Silence," shortens the original quite a bit getting rid of the "it's killing me, it's killing me" after the first chorus and adds some heavier strings, haunting vocals and a choir in the back drop. I liked this a lot on the original album--it's a shame it's her first to miss the top 10.
  • All Night Long (Remix) [feat. Pitbull]. Again, not a new track but the original "All Night Long" has been substituted for the single version featuring Miami rapper Pitbull. It still sounds so good, I hope she kicks things off in the US with this single.
  • Perfect. The second new track on here is "Perfect" a flourishing string-heavy ballad before the drums and piano kick in after the first chorus--clocking in both a nice production and Burke's booming vocals. I think this was written by pop singer Bruno Mars (he has his own version, I found on YouTube).
  • What Happens On the Dancefloor (feat. Cobra Starship). What an unlikely collab. Burke teams up with American pop/punk band Starship for this nice slice of dance-pop. The lyrics are generic, the chorus is obnoxiously repetitive but it's infectious enough to work. I think this would have single potential, but I hear there won't be anymore singles released from this album.
  • Before the Rain. The last of the new tracks is "Before the Rain," a dramatic ballad, it has a more serious feel than "Perfect." It's wonderfully executed--production, arrangement and vocals intact.


Paul said...

how many singles does she want to release from this album?! I'm still annoyed she didn't release the cutesy Bury Me, but you're right - it's a shame The Silence missed the top ten. Still it wasn't a great week for x factor artists in the chart (see Joe!!!!!)

rcLoy said...

Gotta agree that All Night Long remix feat Pitbull is still so good after so long. One of my faves song this year~ :D

J.Mensah said...

Paul. I know Joe peaked at #68, I wouldn't really compare The Silence to that--as looking at it now, #16 doesn't seem that bad actually. I mean, one out of six singles to miss the top 10. Not bad. And the album sold pretty well this week too. It's crossed 700k now.

rcLoy. I'm happy to hear that, yo!!! It's one of my favorites too!