Thursday, November 18, 2010

Michael Jackson "Hold My Hand"

I hear this surfaced online a few days ago, I heard it on Radio 2 this morning. It's another new Michael Jackson track "Hold My Hand" featuring Akon. What do you think? I think it sounds good--a cool R&B flavored mid-tempo, better than "Breaking News." The choir towards the end is a nice touch. Check out this awesome accompanying video someone on YouTube made below:


ww_adh said...

Aren't you too young to be listening to Radio 2? By the way, I got in a fight on Wikipedia this week about whether "Hold My Hand" deserved its own page. If you look at the "discussion" for the song's entry you'll see it.

J.Mensah said...

I'm too young to do most things I do. You said fight so I read it and thought Andrew was gonna get gangsta... :( what a read that wouldve been lol