Thursday, October 14, 2010

X Factor Early Favorites

I'm not reporting on this years' X Factor, like fellow blogger Paul, I never do, it's more fun to comment on his blog about it, but I thought It'd be nice to note down my early favorites in the competition and who I'm backing for the finals:

I haven't spotted a Leona Lewis or Alexandra Burke yet, but there's three I'm really liking right now. Chery Lloyd Despite negative press, I think she's great. Maybe I'm not too fond of her vocals, but something about her gets me excited when she walks on stage. She's ridiculously hot and she's the only female in the competition I could see making it big as a genuine "pop star," singing "pop songs" not overreaching AC ballads.

I'm also a fan of Aiden Grimshaw his performance of British '80s band Tears for Fears' "Mad World" was fantastic. Lastly TreyC she probably has the best voice amongst all the females. She kind of reminds me of Beverly Knight.

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