Sunday, October 17, 2010

Diana Vickers "My Wicket Heart"

I'm not a fan of former X Factor contestant Diana Vickers or her new single "My Wicket Heart" but a part of the song rips off Red Hot Chill Pepper's 1992 hit "Under the Bridge" so on that note it's worth a shout. Along with Katy Perry, Vickers is performing on the X Factor results show tonight.


rcLoy said...

AHHH, I am lovin' the new banner! Well, I know that you're using that small cartoon-ish J as your twitter pix but this is just so darn cute. LOL.
Oh, still lovin' Diana Vickers!

J.Mensah said...

Thanks Loy! :) I can't for the life of -insert name here- figure out what kind of layout/colour-scheme to have. I can't stop changing lol.