Friday, September 10, 2010

Rihanna discography

Singer Rihanna returns this November with her fifth studio album entitled Loud! Here's a quick run-through of her four previous releases:

Music of the Sun (2005). Delivering a somewhat unfulfilling hybrid of R&B and pop-influenced Caribbean was Rihanna's début effort—disguising any personality which would later be revealed on later albums, Music of the Sun was a mostly hit and miss affair, but did mange to land a handful of gems such as radio friendly lead single “Pon De Replay,” the more laid-back follow-up “If It's Lovin' That You Want” which exuded that pop flavored Caribbean feel better then any other track on the album and the piercing R&B of the sassy “Thug In My Life." And whilst not as good, the breezy dancehall of the title track is captivating. But with limited vocal talents empty ballads like “Now I Know” seemed to just extend the number of fillers on the album. Best tracks: Pon De Replay, If It's Lovin' That You Want, Thug In My Life (2/5)

A Girl Like Me (2006). With the quick arrival of her second album, Rihanna's sound became increasingly pop underlined with electronic influences—best portrayed on the edgy lead single “SOS,” but everything else seemed to cut from the same vein as the first album--exuding a more polished Caribbean feel best showcased on the swaggering mid-tempo "Crazy Little Thing Call Love." And also turning up the tempo on the dancehall-influenced “Break It Off” featuring Sean Paul and the guitar-driven R&B of “We Ride” and “PS (I'm Still Not Over You),” were pretty good too. But still with vocal limitations the ballads were still hard on the ears, even the relatively successful single “Unfaithful” wasn't up to par. Best tracks: SOS, We Ride, PS (I'm Still Not Over You), Break It Off, Crazy Little Thing Called Love. (3/5)

Good Girl Gone Bad /Re-Loaded (2007). By her third album the Barbadian singer had became a worldwide superstar and a credible singer all with the help of a little song called “Umbrella” responsible for igniting her career to higher heights. Now eligible to compete with the best of female R&B and pop, Rihanna delivered one hell of a pop album covering a wide array of pop-influenced sounds venturing from pop (“Breaking Dishes” and “Disturbia”), rock (“Shut Up and Drive”), R&B (“Hate That I Love You”) dance (“Don't Stop the Music”) Interesting experimental sounds (“Question Existing”) and even successfully tackling ballads (“Take a Bow”) which just wasn't working on the last two albums, all exuding warmth and personality, qualities that had lacked on the previous albums. Best tracks: Umbrella, Shut Up and Drive, Disturbia, Take a Bow, Don't Stop the Music, Breaking Dishes. (5/5)

Rated R (2009). Inspired by personal trauma's, Rihanna's fourth album emerged as a darker and more personal sound, turning up the depression on cold ballads such as “Russian Roulette,” Cold Case Love,” and “Stupid In Love” but with great sorrow came a significant ego-boost showcased on bass-heavy “Wait Your Turn” and electronic guitar-studded “Rockstar 101.” But not everything is doom, gloom and boasting—there's still some radio-friendly pop squeezed in (“Rude Boy,” “Hard” and “Fire Bomb”). Whilst its the risk-taking on Rated R that makes it so appealing and praise-worthy, not everything works though—like on “G4L” where things get too dark and gangster for it to be believable. Best tracks: Fire Bomb, Russian Roulette, Hard, Rockstar 101, Stupid In Love, Cold Case Love (4.5/5)


rcLoy said...

I still remember the 1st time I heard Pon De Replay early in the morning on the local radio and was thinking to myself, I love her "slang"~ And then the supposedly "slang" is not there anymore :( What happened gurl?

J.Mensah said...

To be honest I never really understood what "Pon De Replay" meant, I always thought it was jibberish cause they couldn't find proper lyrics to fill in the gap between "C'mon Mr. DJ .... Replay"

ww_adh said...

Nice write-up. I really like her third and fourth albums, although I have no interest in the first two (save for "SOS" which is awesome).

J.Mensah said...

Thank you! :) I don't really care for her first two either, her first one is really... ¬_¬ It's understandable 'cause it's her first but ya know :/