Friday, September 17, 2010

Pixie Lott Turns It Up Louder

Pixie Lott's debut album Turn it Up gets its re-release next month--it's been re-titled to Turn it Up Louder (smart, huh?). I loved this album; giving it a pretty stellar review last year but I never planned purchasing a re-release until I saw there would be 10 extra tracks added on, including new single "Broken Arrow," and 6 original iTunes deluxe edition exlusives--including Kings of Leon cover "Use Somebody" and David Guetta/Kelly Rowland cover "When Love Takes Over," extending its tracklist to a hefty 22 tracks.


Paul said...

surely there should be a time limit on when you can rerelease an album? A year later seems a bit of a con really (Alexandra also take note)... in fact any rerelease is a bit iffy. What next? Headlines with the FloRida rap added on :P Still for fans and now with iTunes i guess pick and mix is the best way forward :)

J.Mensah said...

LOL! Leona Lewis released hers about the same time, Spirit in 2007 and the re-release in 2008. To be honest, I don't see a problem with re-release's really--I see it as for people who didn't buy the original to buy this one--both Pixie and Alexandra sold 600k with their original which means there must be at least 200k more they can get with a re-release... that's how i see it anyway lol