Saturday, April 17, 2010

Album Review: Kate Nash - My Best Friend is You (4/5)

I didn't know it then, but Kate Nash delivered one of the best albums of 2007, her debut Made of Bricks, is now one of my favorite albums to listen to. Whilst Nash's voice isn't anything spectacular, her nack for social realism in her lyrics is something I adore; such as modern damaged British relationships ("Foundations") great storytelling ("We Get On" and "Birds").

Her follow-up album, My Best Friend is You, isn't as fun nor witty and tastefully silly ("Mouthwash")--she wants to mature and it shows. The new album showcases a rawer feel, an almost live sound, it's cool but with the fun taken out of the equation, the whole thing falls rather short. Opening is "Paris," a jaunty piano fronted tale about making mistakes, following is the '60s pop inspired "Kiss That Grrrl," which talks about jealousy in relationships with rather interesting lyrics ("I bet her feet don't even stink").

The first two tracks are good, however one of the albums biggest highlights is the third "Don't You Want to Share the Guilt," a brewing acoustic number also talking about broken relationships. It's random, but I like how the song ends with a spoken monologue about nothing. More highlights include, the heavily drum backed "Later On," which has some refreshing electronic undertones. "You Were So Far Away," is a quiet acoustic ballad (think Kelly Clarkson "Chivas"). "I Hate Seagulls" is also an acoustic-styled ballad about having that one person to share your likes and dislikes with.

Radio-friendly lead single "Doo-Wah-Doo" is good too, again sporting a nice '60s girl-band inspired pop, however it's too short to have a real impact on the album. There are a few songs on here that fall short. "I've Got a Secret," has a cool indie rock vibe. It's suppose to be about being gay and not being able to tell anyone, unfortunately the repetitive lyrics doesn't quite to the story it wants to tell. Similarly is "I Just Love You More," also has nice cool indie vibe which doesn't really have a point at all, just the same line over and over gain but it sounds good.

The last couple songs aren't a great nor bad. "Take Me to a Higher Plane" is a jaunty old-fashioned mix of pop and rock, it's about escapism but doesn't really fulfill it's intention. "Mansion Song," begins with a hard-hitting monologue, which is probably the only good thing about the song before it's dull second half kicks in. "Early Christmas Present" isn't bad, it sounds a bit like "Foundations," it brings to light the fact that in a relationship the person being cheated on is always the last to know, which is an interesting subject.

I applaud Nash for wanting to mature for her second album, but I feel her maturity may have dampened her appeal a bit. This album certainly doesn't embrace the fun of Made of Bricks nor its witty lyrics, which is shame as that's what I admired about her most, however the album does deliver a handful of good and interesting songs, so a disappointment this is not.

Best: Do You Want to Share the Guilt, I Hate Seagulls, Later On, You Were So Far Away, Paris, Early Christmas Present


Paul said...

i may check out the track entitled early christmas present because it has christmas in the title but that is it. If it doesn't have the word "bit-tar" in it I'm not interested :P

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kate nash take me to a higher plane lyrics and melody both are very good