Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Album Review: Delphic - Acolyte (4.5/5)

I've been listening to a lot of new music lately, therefore means a lot of albums to get revewing. I can't hold it off any longer, so leading the pack is the debut album from new English band Delphic, Acolyte released earlier this year. It's probably the first album I've thoroughly enjoyed this year and the highest rated so far. It's a nice bowl of fresh upbeat rock with cool electronic undertones and sound-scapes drenched in synths.

First three tracks are awesome. Opening the album is "Clarion Call," introducing the band's unique sound, ringing with synths gradually building up to an enchanting climax--full-blown with drums, keyboards, electronic guitars and synths. A great opener. Following is the more electronically shadowed "Doubt," somewhat emulating Muse's signature sound--a mix of upbeat rock sounds, enchanting dance beats and warm melodies. Next up is my favorite track on the album, "This Momentary," pulsing with a cool '90s influenced new wave backdrop, pondering with synth strings and a rich dance production, embracing it's eventual quiet but climatic build.

"Red Lights," maybe unnecessarily lengthy but is still another favorite. It has a refreshing tame dance vibe, which I like a lot, however stretching just over 6 minutes it kinda becomes a burden towards its half-way point. Following is semi-instrumental title track "Acolyte" has a nice atmospheric opening with strings before picking thing up with clobbering trancy dance beats. Again, a very unnecessarily lengthy track but still one that I like a lot. Both songs just sound so good when listening to them falling asleep.

The aphotic "Halcyon" follows as a more conventional song format. Eclipsed with cool collision of dance beats, strings and melodies. Following swiftly is "Submission," it's not as upbeat as some of the other tracks however the dance-influences are still apparent, so are some of the Pet Shop Boys influences. Closer to the end we find "Counterpoint" which embraces a lighter feel with its twinkling synths and fast-paced beat. Closing track "Remain" incorporates a quiet dance vibe but balances with piano chords for elegance.

To be blunt, I love this album--I think it's definitely one of the best of the year so far. I love Delphic's sound; a very unique sound interesting enough to spawn a solid full-length album whilst still captivating my interest.

Best: This Momentary, Doubt, Clarion Call, Halcyon, Red Lights, Remaim, Counterpoint

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