Friday, February 12, 2010

Album Review: Jason Derülo - Jason Derülo (2/5)

With Chris Brown's career in decline, it's no surprise Jason DeRulo is here to resurrect it in the form of his own. I mean they both even look alike and whilst DeRulo's first single "Whatcha Say" is no "Run It," his second, "In My Head" is ultimately "Yo (Excuse Me Miss)" with an '10 twist, the video's are even similar. So is Jason DeRulo the new Chris Brown? Probably not, although he does have the hits to argue that.

I haven't heard a solid R&B album in awhile (save for releases from Rihanna and Alicia Keys) recent releases from R. Kelly, Jaheim and Trey Songz have been hit and misses. Jason DeRulo's self-titled debut is no exeption as ultimately it's rather poor, a short ten-track set of glossy mix of R&B and pop with a couple of good tracks however even with my distaste for him, the album isn't nearly as good as Chris Brown's self-titled debut, which is a shame. "Ridin' Solo," is nice. It's pretty much the sound of young R&B at the moment--a simple pop ditty with a catchy chorus (ala "Replay" and "Face Drop") It will probably be a third a single. "The Sky's the Limit" is the same thing but slower however still sounds good, very JLS meets Corbin Bleu. The albums first ballad "What If," driven by sharp piano-chords and a stationary drum and guitar composition, is lovely.

There's nothing more I like about the album. "Love Hangover" is "Sky's the Limit" again, with a slightly faster pace. "Encore" is a retread of "Whatcha Say." "Fallen" is DeRulo's attempt at a "With You." "Blind" is "What If" with no attempt at differentiation and closing track "Queen of Hearts," is a rather unimpressive ballad. So maybe DeRulo lacks the artistry Brown used to have, the albums isn't really built on any solid foundations conjuring up a pretty weak debut, however I'm convinced given the right material he could grow. This decade hasn't gotten off to a very good start, I still haven't found an album worthy of a 4.5 yet.

Best: Whatcha Say, In My Head, Ridin Solo, What If


Mel said...

I had no idea this was even out. Hmmm.

J.Mensah said...

Yeah, its release was pretty silent.