Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What I'm listening to...

Here's what's been on heavy rotation on my iPod last week:

If We Ever Meet Again - Timbaland featuring Katy Perry. I didn't think I'd ever love another Timbaland track again (maybe not as much as "The Way I Are" or his remix of OneRepublic's "Apologize") but I have. His new single with Katy Perry, "If We Ever Meet Again," is a great chunk of urban-pop with an awesome chorus and it wouldn't be a Timbaland track if wasn't aligned with his signature tongue-popping back drop.

This Momentary - Delphic. I got this as a free download on iTunes last week. Delphic is UK based alternative dance band, their sound is rather mellow and their debut album Acolyte has been getting rave reviews, I'll have to check that out soon. "This Momentary" pulses with synth strings, electronic keyboards and a cool psychedelic bass line.

Won't Go Quietly - Example. I don't like this as much as "Watch the Sun Go Up," but still love its slick electronic sound and its energetic chorus. Either way, I can't for his second album (not that I paid attention to his first.)

Empire State of Mind Part II - Alicia Keys. Yes, Jay-Z's out and Alicia Keys is in. I've always said I loved "Empire" for its enchanting chorus, so Alicia Keys' version is great and with a couple of soulful verses to match this is perfection.

In My Head - Jason DeRulo. Is Chris Brown already being replaced? By the looks of Jason DeRulo's new video for his second single, "In My Head" that's a strong possibility. Whilst there's not a lot of substance here for me to take DeRulo as a serious artist (I mean what exactly sets him apart from Sean Kingston or Iyaz?) this is a pretty cool song--I like the electronic guitar-based backdrop.

Forever Young - Jay-Z featuring Mr. Hudson. When it comes to hip-hop these days, there is only one front-runner and that is Jay-Z, so far he's released three consecutive strong singles that all successfully crossover to the pop charts, something that he's barely achieved in his fourteen year career. "Forever Young," follows the lineup perfectly an eerie mid-tempo wrapped with a great chorus from Mr. Hudson and solid verses from Jay.

Many of Horror - Biffy Clyro. I've only just started listening to Scottish band Biffy Clyro in depth, there pretty good. The best track from their fifth album Only Revolutions is "Many of Horror," a great drum, string and guitar arrangement. It's the fourth single from the album currently at #20 on the UK charts, their seventh top twenty.

Silvia - Miike Snow. Swedish band Miike Snow are a really good band, lead vocalist Andrew Wyatt has a really cool voice. I'm really into "Silvia" right now, taken from the self-titled debut album. I like the piano chords at the beginning before ascending into some really cool soundscapes, sounds and beats. Fact: Loy has listened to them 280 times over, in fact he's listening right now.

Rock that Body - Black Eyed Peas. I have a new favorite from The E.N.D. now. It's Mel's favorite "Rock that Body." Cool electronic sounds, much like most of the songs on the album but there's somthing especially cool about this one.


Paul said...

I haven't gotten around to any of the new Timbaland tracks - i think i most wanted to check this one out and the Miley one. You have reminded me to go do that! Thanks!!

Mel said...

I just can't embrace Katy Perry. I just can't. "Hot and Cold" was a fun song, I just can't do it. I really don't know why. My favorite from Timbo's new set has to be the JoJo cut or "Symphonies" (mostly for that backbeat). But the Katy Perry track is making big strides so...good on them, I guess. ;)

"Rock That Body" should have been a single over "Imma Be" but...oh wells.

A lot of these I've heard of but haven't listened to...need to remedy this. :)

rcLoy said...

I feel the exact same way about Timbaland. Not his usual stuff since the 1st single is pretty meh :/ but I dig this track too, like I've mentioned in my post~

*Ehem* Another few facts for you: Loy lurrve Miike Snow, their stuff is so no the usual thing that Loy love but it works for him. Loy is really diggin' their album. Loy thinks you should check out "Burial", "Animal" and "Song For No One" (personal faves of his), heck, just listen to the whole album~ Haha :)

BTW, How come you are not listening to Ellie's Under The Sheets? Marina's Hollywood? Goldfrapp's Rocket? SNSD's Oh!? Hmmmmmmmmm...

ww_adh said...

I think "Rock Your Body" is the next UK single. I agree it's better than "Imma Be," although that appears to be doing just fine on the US charts (surprisingly). I agree the new Example single isn't as good as their last, although it is a much bigger hit.

J.Mensah said...

@Paul, Oh "We Belong to the Music," I thought that collabo was a bit random Miley + Timbaland? But whatever works aye!

@Mel, Yes! I'm pretty aware of your... pretty much hate for Perry lol. I like that JoJo one too!

@Loy, I am listening to those! I just wanted get down the ones I had on the top of my head. I have to hear that SNSD song since I loved the "Boyfriend" one so much! I'll be sure to check out Miike Snow's album.

@Adh, Really? Yay! Does this mean we don't get "Imma Be"?