Saturday, January 09, 2010

What I'm Listening To...

Here's what I have been listening to on my iPod this week:

Replay - Iyaz. The hook on this chorus mad catchy. It sounds almost nursery rhyme like, it sounds awesome. And whilst I really love this song, my only query is that isn't Iyaz ultimately the Sean Kingston of 2010 because this is definitely his "Beautiful Girls," and without sounding too harsh it probably means he won't have another hit after this. Jason DeRulo wrote this song, he could have easily sung it himself.

Broken Heels - Alexandra Burke.
Following the pop trailings of "Bad Boys," the second single from Alexandra's debut album Overcome, is just as pop-orientated with a catchy dance edge and a Beyonce-esque swagger. It's funny how much I've fallen in love with this track as I didn't find it half as striking when I first bought the album. I hear "The Silence" is rumored to be the albums third single, although I can't confirm, it makes sense; two uptempo's and a ballad and plus that's an awesome song too.

Ellie Goulding - Under the Sheets. The more I listen to her, the more I see some influences from both Kate Nash and Little Boots. Ellie Goulding is tipped to be 2010's biggest act, her debut single "Under the Sheets," has a cool electronic almost La Roux esque sound to it. The chorus is awesome.

Do You Remember - Jay Dean feat. Sean Paul & Lil' Jon. I've been listening to this quite a lot. Jay Sean follows up "Down," with the almost identical radio-friendly "Do You Remember?," which is almost certain to deliver the singer another smash.

Hard - Rihanna feat. Young Jeezy. Fantastic follow-up to "Russian Roulette," backed with threatening horns, poignant piano keys and cool drum bass line. I love Rihanna's new sass and "couldn't give two craps" attitude. And still no vocally perfect artist, she certainly makes it work on here.

Drop the World - Lil' Wayne feat. Eminem. I'm looking forward Lil' Wayne's new album, which leaked last year despite it's Februrary release date. "Drop the World" is an obvious indication to what to excect, lots and lots and lots of electronic guitars fronting pulsating hip-hop beats, if this his idea of "rock and hip-hop fusion" then I'm down.

Look for Me - Chipmunk feat. Taylay Riley. I don't like Chipmunk, well not as much as Tinchy Stryder anyway, but his first major label release I Am Chipmunk has so far churned out some great singles, following the pop gloss of "Oopsy Daisy," is the melodically striking "Look for Me," I only really like its chorus, which seems to be the same story for most rap songs today.

Video Phone - Beyonce & Lady GaGa. I like to make fun of this song for its ridiculous and often contradicting lyrics ("You want me naked, if you like this position you can tape it on your video phone") but in fact every time this pops up on TV or in shuffle I do like to sing along or dance to its skittering bass line.

What I'm not:

Admit It - Esmee Denters. Ugh, I think song sucks. So obnoxiously soul-influenced with no actual soul and a blatant rip-off of JoJo's sound. Where is she when you need her?


Paul said...

I still haven't heard that Replay song which is destined to debut high this week. And I'm definitely checking Ellie out! Love Alexandra! Not too familiar/drawn to anything else on the list, though am making more and more time for Lady Cuckoo!

rcLoy said...

J, I have a confession. Apart from Under The Sheets, we don't have any similarity in this week's playlist, is it a good thing or bad thing? Hmmmm

J.Mensah said...

Paul: You should listen to the Replay song, it's the chorus I think people get drawned to the most, it's so catchy.

Loy: I guess it's down to slim pickings this week lol. I knew you would hate VP, but I couldn't resist. Our similarity bar on has gone down a bit too! :( what's happening to the world.

Anonymous said...

Under The Sheets is pretty impressive. I somehow like the Esmee Denters song. I honestly think that Iyaz will soon be a one-hit wonder.