Saturday, December 19, 2009

Best TV of 2009

1. EastEnders (BBC)

If I made lists in previous years EastEnders would top them each year. Whilst not as much of a compelling soap as it supposedly was in the '80s and '90s the storylines are still compelling, enduring and often nail-biting. This year the soap dealt with bi-polar disorder, rape, bankruptcy, psychopathic husbands, homophobia and particularly love-loss earlier this year which had me raging for weeks (see below).

2. X-Factor (ITV)

The X Factor this year reached new heights, almost 20 million views tuned in to see Joe McElderry being crowned the shows fifth winner. I loved the new audition format too; like Britians Got Talent, the contestants not only had to sing in front of judges Simon, Louis, Dannii and Cheryl, but in-front of a live audience which made it all the more hilarious for the funnier auditions.

3. Waterloo Road (BBC)

In its fourth year Waterloo Road still remains as compelling as it was in '06. Exciting drama set in a comprehensive secondary school mirroring real-life, which is probably why so many teenagers like me can relate to the storylines.

4. Family Guy (FX)

The creators of Family Guy pulled out yet another stellar season, beating out both South Park and The Simpsons (although I did enjoy both of those too) however the episodes the aired in the UK this year were in fact released in the US last year. I was even convinced to purchase the soundtrack album this year, it was pretty good.

5. South Park (Comedy Central UK)

Another solid season from South Park not as strong as previous seasons, this one didn't have its 'Imagination Land' so to speak. Probably the first time there have been episodes I haven't been crazy for however I did enjoy quite a few of them.

6. Brothers & Sisters (E4)

I never got into Brothers & Sisters until this year, there was always a sense it was lacking solidarity in its storylines, however I thought the first quarter of Season 4 was really nicely put together, the season continues into May 2010.

7. The Simpsons (Sky 1)

The twenty-first season of the Simpsons haven't aired here yet, but I've watced the first few episodes online and they're pretty good. First episode 'Rednecks and Broomsticks' is of their best in years.

8. Britains Got Talent (ITV)

This years had a few breakout stars such as winners dance group Diversity, 12 year old singer Shaheen Jafargholi and the shows biggest star Susan Boyle.

9. 30 Rock (Comedy Central UK)

I didn't watch this consistently, however when I did I thought it was halarious. I'll have to track-back online sometime.

10. Two Pints of Larger and a Packet of Crisps (BBC Three)

This series was pretty weak, the gags weren't as funny, the raw sexual references were perverted than tastefully creative as in previous seasons however it did deliver a handful of good episodes.


rcLoy said...

Christian & Syed!! LOL~ I kinda like the Adam & Aaron storyline from Emmerdale too :)

Family Guy and 30 Rock is good good stuff.

I haven't start catching up with my Bro & Sis addiction yet, gonna start soon. I've been loving that show for 3 seasons! Family drama at its best!

J.Mensah said...

You watch Eastenders too? :) I didn't know they aired it Malayasia.

I need to get into 30 rock a bit more but Family Guy rules!

Paul said...

I have to confess i'm Corrie all the way and haven't watched Eastenders for years. Waterloo Road is a show I keep meaning to get around to but keep forgetting. Family Guy has been ever so slightly off this year but Cleveland Show is excellent!! Look out for my tv top ten on Dec 29th!!

J.Mensah said...

Oh Paul, In that case we're now arch enemies lol! I LOVE the Cleveland show, I had to watch it online in the last few weeks, it's really good. Looking forward to the list, yo! :)

Mel said...

You watch Brothers & Sisters, HURRAH!!!!

It's been one of my two favorite shows (the other being Supernatural) since it premiered in 2006, although I tend to have a love-hate relationship with it these days. I ADORE Dave Annable (Justin) and I completley dislike the direction they have put his character in...but...what can you do.

J.Mensah said...

Yep, It's a fantastic show! Have you started watching the new season yet? I think it's pretty good so far.

rcLoy said...

Oh J, no, no, no, there's always Youtube. LOL.

Btw, Have you watch GLEE? *doing the Barney Stinson's impersonation?*

J.Mensah said...

Errr! I always feel like such a dork when I ask these questions lol, remember are convo about Chinese New Year lol.

I watched a couple clips of Glee online, I didn't really get into it.

ww_adh said...

Glee is fantastic! It's so much fun, from the performances of popular songs to the effective mix of campy and straight-up drama (with a lot of comedy). Jane Lynch is awesome. Lea Michele is amazing. Matthew Morrison is delightful. I read that it's going to start airing in Britain on E4 in January.

J.Mensah said...

I'll keep an eye out I guess, everything just seemed too happy, cheesy and fun.