Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Best Albums of the 2000s (31-40)

31. Shania Twain - Up! (2002). After becoming country music's biggest act in '97 with her blockbuster album Come on Over, Shania waited 7 years before delivering the follow-up which I actually prefer, loving its frothy mix of country and pop. Essential: "Kaching!"

32. Madonna - Confessions on a Dancefloor (2005). Following the commercial misstep on her ninth album, Madonna returned to the mix of upbeat dance-pop and disco that made her earlier work so memorable for he tenth. Essential track: "Hung Up"

33. Muse - The Resistance (2009). Following their masterpiece Black Holes & Revelations, Muse delivered an album just as good. Solid, robust and tastefully creative, capitalizing on their signiture electronic and alternative rock sound that has kept the band consistent throughout this decade. Essential track: Uprising

34. Duffy - Rockferry (2008). Welsh singer Duffy landed one of the best debut pop albums of all time last year. Her winning blend of retro '60s and modern pop was unmissable. The album scored the singer a Grammy for Best Pop Albums. Essential track: "Warwick Avenue"

35. U2 - All that You Can't Leave Behind (2000). The '90s treated U2 well, becoming one of the biggest selling bands of that decade. They continued their winning streak at pinnacle of the '00s with their tenth album, earning the band seven Grammy Awards. Essential track: "Beautiful Day"

36. Paramore - Riot! (2007). It's astonishing how much impact an album can have on life. Riot! was one of my most played of '07 I closely associate it with school-life back then. After the botched release of their debut, Riot! saw the re-emerging of Paramore with an edgier sound with top 40 appeal. Essential track: "Misery Business"

37. Sade - Lovers Rock (2000). This album reminds me of my infant days so much, my mother would play it almost every night when we were living in our old house. Soothing vocal, subtle beats and an enduring collection of mid-tempo grooves. Essential: "Somebody Already Broke My Heart"

38. Kanye West - Late Registration (2005). Following his critically acclaimed debut, Kanye once again became critic fodder following it up with something even better, really gaining crossover pop appeal with the albums biggest hit "Gold Digger" and enhancing his lyrical genius. Essential track: "Diamonds from Sierra Leone"

39. Robyn - Robyn (2005). After a failed attempt at gaining English fans in the '90s, Swedish singer Robyn returned in '05 with her fourth album, a stunning mix of pop and electronica that captured English hearts two years after its release earning her four top 40 hits. Essential track: "With Every Heartbeat"

40. Dave Matthews Band - Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King (2009). Dave Matthews Band have been among the most consistent band's of the decade, however their most recent work toppled all of their others, delivering a modern day alternative masterpiece. Essential track: "Lying in the Hands of God"


rcLoy said...

I am still listening to Robyn's album. There are so many interesting songs apart from With Every Heartbeat which is genius, Be Mine and Handle Me is just so precious. Because of that song, I give Kleerup's album a chance and was totally hooked on it. Ugh, collaboration have it's own advantage.

ww_adh said...

Sade! I think they get forgotten, since they only put out an album like every 10 years (one on the way next year). Great album.

Paul said...

I'm down with Madonna (ace album - Darren and I bought it in Vegas one year and played it non stop) and Shania (another ace album that we bought on our first trip to vegas which was to celebrate my being free and clear of cancer, and Up just seemed to be the perfect singalong song for that). Never did get Robyn but I think that a lot of people love her and quite rightly so, she just never clicked with me (like Lady Cuckoo).

J.Mensah said...

Aww Paul! That's well nice! Ooh! I can just imagine how amazing it would be riding in Vegas bumpin' Up! or COADF. Sexiness!