Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Best Albums of the 2000s (21-30)

21. Usher - Confessions (2004). '04 was a good year of Usher, he definitely was the King of R&B for awhile. His fourth album became his biggest selling album to date and one of the most solid R&B offerings of the decade. I was more interested in the re-release that featured the chart-topping duet with Alicia Keys on "My Boo." Essential track: "Burn"

22. Arctic Monkeys - Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not (2006). The Arctic Monkeys had an awesome start to their career, their debut album became one of the UK biggest sellers and was amongst 2006's most acclaimed. I wasn't too fussed about Arctic Monkeys initially, however I did soon embrace their interesting sense of alternative rock. Essential track: "The View from the Afternoon"

23. Kylie Minogue - Fever (2001). After returning to pop with her Light Years Kylie then delivered one of the best dance albums of the decade, unlike its predecessor drawing more from modern influences also landing her one of the biggest hits of the decade with "Can't Get You Out of My Head." Essential track: "Come into My World"

24. Coldplay - X&Y (2005). After the classic A Rush of Blood to the Head, Coldplay churned out another knockout with their third album. A charming and passionate set of songs, covering a wider range of sounds recalling alternative and pop influences. Essential track: "Fix You"

25. P!nk - M!ssundaztood (2001). Following her R&B sounding debut, P!nk decided to swapped her urban influenced beginnings for a more pop/rock edge for her second album and it worked a treat, really coming into own and showcasing her personality through fun tracks such as "Get the Party Started" and the more sensitive "Family Portrait" and "Just Like a Pill." Essential track: "Get the Party Started"

26. Kaiser Chiefs - Yours Truly, Angry Mob (2007). Off the back of their cheeky and fun debut Employment the Kaiser Chiefs tried to come across more serious for their follow up, however still drawing the quirky influences from their first and whilst their first was critically acclaimed I still prefer this. Essential track: "Ruby"

27. Rascal Flatts - Me and My Gang (2006). Easily my favorite country album of the decade. Rascal Flatts have remained one of the most consistent acts of the decade, however their most accomplished came in the form of their fourth album. A more than solid country album without forgetting the pop influences to broaden the appeal. A perfect combination of ballads, mid-tempo's and upbeat tracks. Essential track: "Stand"

28. Sugababes - Angels with Dirty Faces (2002). Following their under-appreciated debut, the Sugababes soon escalated to the forefront of British pop with their second album, which delivered the 'Babes a string of solid hits, including my favorite... Essential track: "Stronger"

29. Maxwell - Now (2001). Dodgy lyrics aside, Maxwell's third album was a perfect and sultry mix of '70s influenced soul, R&B and funk--one of the better albums of the decade to blend all three genres together so wonderfully. Essential track: "Changed"

30. Muse - Black Holes and Revelations (2006). Muse's fourth album was an alternative masterpiece, delivering an accomplished blend of rock, pop and electronic sounds, illustrating a dramatic musical journey high on erratic lyrics, grand sound-scapes however remaining thoroughly enjoyable the whole way through. Essential track: "Supermassive Black Hole"


ww_adh said...

Sugagabes' "Stronger" was their best single ("Push the Button" is a close second). Fever should be way higher in my opinion.

rcLoy said...

Fever! Woots. For one time, I really can't get her outta my head, that is a brilliant pop masterpiece. I think I'm gonna listen to the album again, :D I would put that album high up on my list, if I have one. LOL

Mel said...

It's only NOW that I'm seeing Kylie EVERYWHERE that I'm going back into her earlier catalogue -- she astounds me. I love EVERYTHING. I'm so late. Haha.

Paul said...

28 then 26 thru 22 was rather good and in line with some of mine. Fever always paled next to Light Years for me, but it's still a very good pop album. I like the camp disco over chic dance :P

J.Mensah said...

"Stonger's" awesome, I don't think "Push the Button" can hold a candle to it at all. Fever was orginally in the top 15, but I pushed it down because the top 15 was too pop and R&B stuff and I wanted it to be more mixed. But I still think it's a "pop materpiece" as Loy puts it! :)

Ohh, Mel where have you been! :) How could you have missed Kylie this decade lol :) I'm sure you'll enjoy her catalogue. Personally I'm not a fan of her '90s stuff especially (Impossible Princess and the other one before that)

ww_adh said...

I am so not surprised that Paul likes Light Years better than Fever. I'm a Fever guy myself though.

Nikki said...

This post has all the good stuff! LOL. Sugababes - YAY!

I think you're one of the few people who know that I went through a brief Rascal Flatts phase this year and I do agree - 'Stand' is possibly one of the most stunningly brilliant songs EVER. Gives me goosebumps every single time. You've made me want to listen to it now - UGH. Hahah.

And, I know I've said it a few times already but I'm not the type you'd think likes Coldplay. I do. 'X&Y' was damn good and 'Speed of Sound' was the first Coldplay song I heard that I was aware of their existence. LOL.

Usher. I like the hits but other than that his alum tracks are a bit boring. He was a big part of my early music addiction though.

J.Mensah said...

Haha! I remember you telling me that! Rascal Flatts are brilliant, so underrated. Don't you just love the lyrics so "Stand." I know it's all cleche but I find them really inspirational. Yeah lol, Coldplay does seem out of place within your usual musical tastes haha! :)