Saturday, January 02, 2010

Album Review: Ke$ha - Animal (3/5)

After slowly molding her career to follow suit to the electro dance-pop trend set by Lady Gaga, in theory Ke$ha is set to be the next big thing, she's already scored her first major hit with "TiK ToK," a catchy electronic ode to the club night-life and reckless fun, which is a recurring topic Ke$ha is reluctant to talk about on her debut on songs such as the fun synth-laced "Take it Off," with imprudent lyrics like: "gotta water bottle full of whiskey in my handbag," and the shameless and rather upfront "Party at a Rich Dudes House."

With audacious fun comes consequence, the album wears thin at least seven tracks in and the tracks following aren't that interesting or try too hard to be, however it does get off a to a pretty strong start. "Your Love is My Drug," has a tasteful electronic edge, with its hammering bass line, the chorus is repetitively unrestrained, which I guess is all in the fun. Following both "TiK ToK" and "Take it Off," is the boisterous "Kiss N Tell," which ironically recalls Katy Perry's "Hot N Cold," especially on its blustery chorus.

"Stephan" is another pretty cool track, begins with some surprisingly nice harmonies before ascending into a breezy mid-tempo composition. I also really like the melancholic chorus. Next up is "Blah Blah Blah" with 30H!3, a fun electronic romp, complete with kinetic handclaps and electronic bleeps topped off with a cool chorus, following is "Hungover," still depicting her unfathomable sexual desires, but surprisingly one of the the more calmer tracks of the first half.

As most of the tracks seem to cover the same subject of sex and fun with same styled electro pop and dance composition, boredom arises towards its middle. "Backstabber," has an appealing electro stomp, however sounds like its been tried out so many times before.

More disappointingly the last few aren't that great either. "Dinosaur," fully embraces her animated personality, as he talks about pedophilia, which actually isn't as interesting of a song-topic as it sounds, also the songs arrangement is a mess although its the first song embrace a raw pop/rock sound. Closing track "Animal" finds Kesha rap-singing over some weirdly composed beats. It's probably my least favorite track on here.

The albums second half does have some highlights though. "Boots & Boys" has a pretty cool strutting bass line and recalls some nice '80s influences on the chorus, I also don't really mind "Dancing with Tears in My Eyes," it has a nice chorus and cool melody although every thing else isn't anything really compelling.

Overall, maybe Kesha has the power to churn out a solid pop album in the future (if her career will last her that long) as she shows real promise in the writing department, but for now, maybe she's a singles artist in need of more experience as this album has good pop moments however doesn't sustain the whole way through.

Best: TiK ToK, Your Love is My Drug, Boots & Boys, Kiss N Tell, Stephan


Ken said...

I'm gonna scrobble more on this one. I'm yet to give a rating. But I do think 'animal' is a nice album.

J.Mensah said...

I like it too, even being a bit disappointed. Can't wait to read your review.

rcLoy said...

J, only a 3/5 huh? I guess this trashy lady can't take and climb over the Gaga for now. Fame Monster is still doing it for me.

Mel said...

Ke$ha wishes she could be Gaga. Although, I do kind of wish she came out at a DIFFERENT time so we could judge her without comparison bias.

With that said, I still haven't listened to the record yet. But I'm getting to it...eventually. ;)

J.Mensah said...

Loy: Trashy lady? Ouch! lol. I had a feeling you wouldn't like her--you can't dismiss those Gaga comparisons.

Mel: Lol, I have a feeling even if it was released at a different time you wouldn't like her that much anyway. You seem to like those who have "The voice" and not the Britney's of pop.

Mel said...

Fair insight - you know me too well. I stand up and take attention when I'm moved by the voice first...for sure. Ke$ha is interesting to me mostly because she gets such polarizing reviews. You either love her or vapidly hate her (and many do). I still like "Tik Tok", I just can't push myself to looking into more (but I will). I think the prospect of her being a potential one hit wonder is pretty fair at this point.