Sunday, November 08, 2009

Snow Patrol "Just Say Yes"

Promoting Snow Patrol's first greatest hits collection Up to Now is "Just Say Yes" one of three new tracks included on the album. I'm late in reporting but I've really only gotten its appeal now--trickling with synth, strings, piano keys, soaring harmonies and a bold chorus, maybe not as compelling as "You're All I Have" or "Chasing Cars" but still a winner either way.


rcLoy said...

One of my faves band. I really hope I can hear them live for once in my life. =)

J.Mensah said...

I wanna see them live too! I heard they're really good, I've only seen the YouTube videos as you would expect =[

rcLoy said...

Wat? Dude! U r living in UK! There's gotta be those tours right? GO and have fun! If I live in UK, I would be in some sort of pre-ecstasy course with so many incredible artist there. Haha. I would spend to go see them perform. Kinda bummed about the fact I can't go to the V festival! Urgh.