Friday, November 13, 2009

Rihanna's 'Rated R'

I've been listening to the new Rihanna album all day. You wouldn't be wrong if you guessed the new album conveys a darker sound in comparison to her previous three albums... a very darker sound, it's almost awkwardly disheartening, but Rihanna pulls it off well as delivers a aphotic blend of rock, electro-pop and R&B. I'm not a prude or anything but if there was a Rihanna album that deserved a parental advisory tag it would be this one, she sure let her potty mouth go on this one.


2) Wait Your Turn. A cutting-edge urban flavored number with hard hitting electronic bass line.

4) Stupid in Love. A dramatic ballad, laced with a piano front and rhythmic clicks. She sounds pretty good on here. It's probably the same eery vibe "Unfaithful" tried to go for.

5) Rockstar 101. Possibly the albums biggest departure from Rihanna's archetypal sound as she embraces a blend of rock and R&B, including a thundering electronic guitar played by former Guns N Roses' member Slash.

6) Russian Roulette. Haunting (depressing) ballad, still sounds good.

8) Rude Boy. Something more lighter and tastefully sexually fueled.

12) Cold Case Love. Very subdued for the first half however quite compelling still--it has a nice melody. I like the '80s styled electronic guitars that soar at the songs climax.

This is pretty good however I do think it'll do for Rihanna what, My December, did for Kelly Clarkson, whilst it critics liked it--the shift in her sound didn't connect too well with fans and ultimately limited sales. Full review will be up shortly.


Ken said...

the video for Russian Roulette is up on my blog. Can't wait for your review though.

ww_adh said...

Interesting. My December is widely seen as a failure. I can't see this doing as poorly as that, but I haven't heard it yet. What do you think the second single will be? I think Russian Roulette is going to fade pretty fast.

J.Mensah said...

lifesaver, watching the video now.

It's wierd how they've done it because "Russian Roulette" is the first single and I hear it on the radio all the time but "Wait Your Turn" has a video and that's getting airplay too. So I think that's the second single.

Mel said...

Loy/J - Next single in America at least will be "Hard". I hear that "Wait Your Turn" will serve as promo or perhaps an international single and may end up being released in America in early 2010.

It's funny you mention 'My December' because you're the third person I've heard who used it in this context. I totally agree. It's something the hardcore fans will adore, but the critics and overall population will be a bit quizzical about...we'll see.