Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Preview Albums

November is always such a ridiculously busy month for music I just can't keep up. Here are brief reviews of albums released this week. Full reviews of all of them will be up shortly, I use the term 'shortly' loosely:

Leona Lewis - Echo. Leona returns with her sophomore effort. Echo is more confident than her debut but still rather tame, using the formula of big ballads ("Happy") and uptempo dance-pop ("Outta My Head"). I'm very impressed with this.

N-Dubz - Against All Odds. Fantastic follow-up to Uncle B, an even more comfortable blend of grime, hip-hop, pop and R&B--touching sensitive teen-oriented subjects such as the teen-pregnancy driven "Shoulda Put Something On" and the tastefully cocky "I Don't Wanna Go to Sleep." Second single "Play with Fire" with Mr. Hudson is awesome.

Nora Jones - The Fall. I wasn't a fan of Nora's last album, Never Too Late, which found the jazz singer try to branch out into different territories away from the blend of acoustic-pop and bluesy jazz that made her first album so successful. Her fourth album confirms she won't be returning to that any time soon, but it's still pretty good showcasing a solid blend of subtle-rock and more apparent acoustic-pop.

John Mayer - Battle Studies. Not as great as his masterpiece last album Continuum as Mayer decided to stray away from the winning blend of acoustic-pop and soul and indulge in a more folksy, country and rock endeavour.

Justin Bieber - My World. Possibly the least impressive of the bunch. Justin Bieber's music is lighthearted pop fun aimed at teenagers girls, which would explain why I don't get the appeal but I did check it out, but with such a limited 8-track set, mostly filled with the same beat-driven stuff it's hard to elude Bieber from the 'just another pretty face teen fad' category. Remember what Jesse McCartney used to be? But ballad "One Less Lonely Girl" is pretty cool.


ww_adh said...

I'm really enjoying Leona Lewis's new album. I'll probably get Norah Jones's, but I've become less and less interested in her over the years. Doubt I'll be listening to John Mayer or Justin Bieber anytime soon.

Ganns said...

I'm curious as to why would you cover Justin Bieber and not Kris Allen, J.

Paul said...

ditto on the Leona album from what ADH said :) And i'm intruiged by Justin Beiber, just not enough to check out his music!!

J.Mensah said...

adh, what's wrong with John Mayer? I would've thought you would have really liked him.

Ganns, I like Kris Allen :) I didn't even know he had an album out right now n I just wanted to be fair to little Beiber =].

Paul, Errr I don't think you would want to anyways. But yeah-ahh! Leona's album completely rocks!

rcLoy said...

Can't wait for your Echo review. :D