Friday, November 13, 2009

Music I'm listening to...

Haven't done this in a while, here's what's been on heavy rotation on my iPod this week:

Bad Romance - Lady Gaga
. Proving she's today's biggest forces in today's pop music is Ms. GaGa with her latest single "Bad Romance" a stomping, electro-studded number--taken as the first single from her forthcoming sophomore album, The Fame Monster. I can't wait to hear what the album has in store. I'm sure my friend rcLoy will be first in line to cop that.

TiK ToK - Ke$ha. Feisty, fun and electronic would be just a few of the words I would use to describe the debut single from newcomer, Ke$ha. I like this a lot especially that killer chorus, but I wonder how she can follow this up without it being samey.

Russian Roulette - Rihanna. A somewhat weird choice for a lead single from Rihanna, in previous years we've had "Pon De Replay," "SOS," and "Umbrella" so "Russian Roulette is a pretty dramatic change-up, but I still like it. Moody, darkening and almost emo-ish.

Fifteen - Taylor Swift. Country balladeer Taylor Swift drops her fourth single from her highly successful second album, Fearless. A likable country ballad--that almost all teenagers can relate to.

Empire State of Mind - Jay-Z feat. Alicia Keys. I like almost all of Jay-Z's songs, but "Empire State of Mind" is a knockout! Alicia Keys brings such soul to the chorus whilst Jay-Z holds up his end with the verses--If this isn't enough to earn the rapper his first #1 in the US then I'm not sure what is.

Hello Seattle - Owl City. Lighter than "Fireflies" but still as electronic, something summery for the winter. The lyric: "I'll disguise my self a sleeping pill and descend inside of you" still gets me every time. I'm not sure if it's up for second single or not, but it damn well should be.

You Know Me - Robbie Williams. I absolutely love the smooth '60 flair in Robbie's new single and he sounds great. I think I like this more than "Bodies."

About a Girl - Sugababes. I'll admit I wasn't too keen to listen to the new Sugababes single when it hit the web a couple months ago, the whole band member drama put my off, however giving it a proper listen (and watching the cute video) this is pretty good.

I Need You - N-Dubz. I've loved everything N-Dubz have put out since 2006, they made most of my Secondary School life. Their new single "I Need You" is nice, but not as good as, say "Better Not Waste My Time," or "I Swear" but needless to say the hook is fantastic. I'm really looking forward to their second album, Against All Odds out Monday.

Happy - Leona Lewis. Not as compelling as "Bleeding Love" but still good. Leona's new single is pretty much the same conventional ballad structure we've come to expect. I've been hearing good reviews about her second album, Echo, can't wait to check it out for myself.

Delusional - Simon Curtis. As recommended by Paul, Simon Curtis' new single "Delusional" is pretty good, with the opening bars reminiscing Muse's "Supermassive Black Hole," however its more synth pop, electronic, R&B flavored.


Mel said...

I love that all my blogging buddies love Simon now! ::hugs::

Paul said...

i can definitely get down with Simon, still liking Leona, but loving the next Robbie single to a ridiculous extent :)

Ken said...

Brilliant playlist. I love it.

J.Mensah said...

Mel, Yeah! I think he's pretty cool.
Paul, Me too! I definately think it's one of his best singles--I love the video, the rabbit ears cracks me up.
Ken, Why thank you =]

ww_adh said...

Bad Romance - Love it. I was resistant to Lady GaGa at first, but I'm on board now.

Tik Tok - Okay. I haven't listened to it much. Kesha hasn't distinguished herself yet.

Russian Roulette - I like this single more now than I did at first. It's disturbing, which I think makes it interesting.

Fifteen - Great new single, and I love that it's something teens can relate to.

Empire State of Mind - I really like this song. Love all the New York name-dropping.

You Know Me - Playing right now in fact. Great song.

About a Girl - I didn't care for this either at first, but now it's grown on me. How come RedOne didn't make Little Boots announce him at the beginning of "Remedy" like he does everyone else?

Delusional - I should listen to this since Paul would want me to.

rcLoy said...

I am still amazed by the fact those leaked tracks of the Fame Monster sound so different from the finalize version, case in point, Bad Romance and Alejandro. Alejandro is so so good. Do check it out.
I am still not diggin the emo-ish Rihanna. I love Don't Stop The Music too much?
Wait, no love for Agnes - I Need You Now? or Will Young - Hopes and Fears?

J.Mensah said...

Adh, so in-depth. loves it! I'm still sketical over the sugababes--but I can't resist About a Girl and ditto to Simon.

Loy, I don't have I need You Now yet or Hopes & Fears, I'll get them soon.