Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Album Review: Lady Gaga - The Fame Monster (4/5)

After brightening the pop world with her successful first album, The Fame, Lady GaGa returns with her much talked about 8-track EP The Fame Monster, initially tipped to be a re-release of The Fame, then a sophomore album and now a stand-alone EP.

Ultimately, The Fame Monster cuts from the same vein as the stuff on The Fame, which isn't necessarily a bad thing as lead single "Bad Romance" is still a killer track, despite its close association with "Poker Face." If this was released in the '80s it would have made the perfect studio album, of course having an album with only 8 tracks on it these days is considered ridiculous.

A comedic GaGa introduces synth-stomping favorite "Alejandro," recalling the same styled-synths as "Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)." Following is thundering mid-tempo "Monster," which sounds fantastic. Next up is "Speechless" which receives a swift change-up in comparison to the first three tracks. First it's a ballad, with a composition that reminisces "Brown Eyes." Second there are no synths but strings, piano, guitar and a swooning melody. Very nice. Returning to electro-pop is "Dance in the Dark" a personal favorite, I like the '80s throwback vibe in the chorus.

Collaboration with Beyonce on "Telephone" is brilliant. The telephone dialing tones that ring throughout work effectively. The pulsating bass line, the rhythmic hand-claps and robotic stuttering vocals. Electro-pop brilliance. Last two tracks, the unusually jaunty "So Happy I Could Die" and the just weird "Teeth" I'm not too interested in right now.

As far as short 8-track EP's go, I'm absolutely loving this right now. Even loving her first album it took me awhile to jump on the GaGa bandwagon completely, but I think I'm on board now.


ww_adh said...

Interesting that its considered an EP. After all, Madonna' first album only had 8 tracks.

J.Mensah said...

Justin Beiber's new album only had 8 tracks too.

Mel said...

J - Justin is apparently releasing that album as a "Part 1", and another 8 track will be released in early '10, possibly in February. Interesting marketing ploy, eh?

rcLoy said...

Welcome abroad~ LOL.
I am loving this mini album to bits. I don't think there is a filler/bad song in this album. I can't even pick a faves song from this EP since I love every one. I am equally impressed with Monster and Teeth! Best album to date for me this year! XD