Sunday, October 11, 2009

Music I'm listening to...

This week I had the lengthy but enjoyable task of loading my songs on to my new iPod touch and here's what I've been listening to most this week:

"Bad Boys" Alexandra Burke - X-Factor winner, Alexandra Burke's debut single "Bad Boys" finds its digital release today and surprise surprise it's #1 on the iTunes top 100 downloads. I've been listening to it for weeks now and I'm still yet to tire from it. That chorus is inescapable.

"Bodies" Robbie Williams - I seem to have grown to this more over the last couple weeks. I really like the orchestration in the chorus, it just screams classic pop.

"Watch the Sun Come Up" Example - The radio have been all over this one. Piano keys, live drums, synth lines, infectious bassline--It's a fantastic dance anthem.

"3" Britney Spears - I've only just realized how important the synthesizer is to Britney's music. Her new single "3" is great; catchy and a solid pop song overall. As it resides atop the US iTunes, this week it could debut at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100--could.

"Broken-Hearted Girl" Beyonce - I've been waiting for this to become a single ever since purchasing, I Am... Sasha Fierce, because it's the best ballad on the album--and if they were going to choose a ballad for a single, hands down it's this. I see they've remixed a little bit for the release, which isn't all that bad.

"Fight For This Love" Cheryl Cole - Girls Aloud's own Cheryl Cole releases her debut single--which admittedly takes awhile click. For me, it's if it wasn't Cole singing it I probably won't be that interested.

"Forever is Over" The Saturdays - The new Saturday's single is great, classic British pop, definitely making the band's second album, Wordshaker, look more and more promising.

"Oopsy Daisy" Chipmunk - I tend to ignore anything that Chipmunk does--I don't like him that much, but his new single "Oopsy Daisy" is undeniably really good, it's more the unknown vocal that sings the chorus that I really like.

"S.O.S. (Let the Music Play)" Jordin Sparks - Jordin Spark's new single convey's a more grittier disco admbiance than most (or all) of her previous singles. It's a nice change, now hopefully this can deliver the songstress a solid hit.

"What About Now" Daughtry - Trust the UK to fall in love with a 4 year old song. I remember loving this back then, I thought it was brilliant and still pretty much do.

"4Ever" Veronicas - I love the Veronicas, I've been listening to their album, Hook Me Up, excessively. "4Ever" isn't as good as some of the stuff on there but it's still decent.

"I'm Not Your Toy" La Roux - I think I actually prefer the new La Roux single "I'm Not Your Toy" to the previous two.

"Water And the Flame" David Merriweather - Merriweather is a true balladeer--first we had the fantastic "Red," now there's sutry duet with Adele on "Water & the Flame" which is just as good.


rcLoy said...

Nice stuff u got there, iPod touch eh? I wish I have the cash to get one of those, me old and trusty iPod Shuffle is seriously lacking in the memory department with 512mb! LOL.

Cheryl Cole's single is meh =/
Britney, Chipmunk and Saturdays is growing on me. Veronicas and Daughtry stuff is really really dated isn't it? Isn't 4Ever like Veronica's first single? I love their "When It All Falls Apart". It's brill.
I'm Not Your Toy is my faves La Roux song =) And so is Water and Flame, Big Adele fan here. Conclusion, you have good taste in music. LOL. *I think I've been spamming your blog a bit too much with long comments* LOL

J.Mensah said...

Haha! That's Ok, I love it infact!

WOW! with someone with such a wide interest in music, how do you cope with 512mb? lol

I'm glad Britney, Chipmunk and the Saturdays are growing on you :)

J.Mensah said...

Oh, and no the Veronicas first single was "Untouched" -- "4Ever" was released 4 years ago in Australia only

rcLoy said...

I amaze myself with the constant update on my play list of 100 best songs. Haha. And here I thought they were huge when 4Ever is getting played on MTV Asia and Channel V here that time. Follow up single "When It All Falls Apart" is good, do check it out. =) I'm just glad you love the long comments. LOL.