Thursday, October 29, 2009

Billboard Hot 100, 7th Nov 09

1. Fireflies - Owl City

It's all firsts here at the top. Owl City score their first #1 on the Hot 100 with their first commercial single, "Fireflies," from their first album, Ocean Eyes. When I got into their album a couple months ago, I didn't think they would find themselves atop the Hot 100. Oh, how wrong I was. Their also this weeks digital gainer.

2. Watcha Say - Jason DeRulo

Jason DeRulo stays bulleted at #2, nipping at Owl City's heels. This could indeed rise to #1 next week, the main comeptition it faces is that Taylor Swift has at least 4 songs, from her, Fearless re-release debuting in the top 10, top 5 or possibly in the top 3 next week. 'Watacha say' to that Jason?

6. Paparazzi - Lady GaGa

Will this ever be a #1 for Ms. GaGa? Lady GaGa stays bulleted at #6 with "Paparazzi," for the fourth week. Next week sees the debut of her new single "Bad Romance," which I predict will at least debut inside the top 10 or at least top 5, if she's lucky.

10. Sweet Dreams - Beyonce

Airplay gainer of the week is Beyonce with her single "Sweet Dreams," which scores the singer her thirteenth #1.

16. Sexy Chick - David Guetta & Akon

David Guetta's "Sexy Chick," has already topped the Hot Club Dance Songs tally, this week it ascends into the top 20, scoring his first feat, whereas this is Akon's ninth.

20. One Time - Justin Beiber

Fifteen year old, Justin Beiber scores his second top 20 with his first single, "One Time." Wierd huh? His second single, "One Less Lonely Girl," debut at #16, two weeks ago.

22. TiK ToK - Ke$ha

Mel and I were having a conversation about what we call the 'GaGa effect' a couple days ago. It seems after Lady GaGa struck gold with her electronic/pop sound, there seems to be labels iching to get a piece of the pie (so-to-speak) and first up is Ke$ha, you may remember her from Flo Rida's "Right Round," singing the chorus. Her first single "TiK ToK," rises a solid 33 spots up the chart this week, scoring her first top 40 and landing at #22.

This reminds me of when Britney Spears came out with "...Baby One More Time," 11 years ago and after that became a smash, then followed Christina Aguilera's "Genie In A Bottle," Jessica Simpson's "I Wanna Love You Forever," and Mandy Moore's whatever she released.

31. Papers - Usher

Back in the top 40 is Usher, with his new single "Papers." I haven't heard this yet but it's suppose to be really good. It's the lead single from his forthcoming sixth studio album, Raymond vs. Raymond. His last album, Here I Stand, wasn't very good so I'm hoping this new effort will be a swift return to form.

40. 21 Guns - Green Day

I'm still pretty much in love with his song. Green Day's "21 Guns," return into the top 40--the song peaked at #22.


Paul said...

It's nice to see a song unexpectedly rise to the top spot after such a boring run of number one singles for so long :) Hurrah.

And every time I see David Guetta I for some reason have this switch in my brain that makes me think of David Archeluta, so end up thinking Sexy Bitch? Wow that kid grew up :P

rcLoy said...

Not much love for Mandy Moore I see, I kinda like her, eventhough some of her pop singles are rubbish. LOL. I Wanna Be With You and Crush is good for me. =)

~Clap clap clap for a new and fresh #1 this year~ That song kinda reminds me of The Temper Trap's Sweet Disposition. I don't know why. Gaga's Bad Romance should be on #1!! No doubt about that.

Paul is hilarious with his David joke. LOL.

J.Mensah said...

Hurrah indeed, yo! I really didn't think Owl City would actually make it all the way to the top, what a nice surprise.

Hahaha!! isn't David Archueta like only 17 or something?

J.Mensah said...

Mandy Moore isn't bad, belive it or not I actually bought her I Wanna Be with You album.

YES!! GaGa, should be #1. "Bad Romance," is such an awesome song--I would be very suspicious if it didn't reach #1.

Mel said...

"Bad Romance" just SOUNDS like a #1. ::sigh:: I'm thinking Owl City will be kicked out after this week, and will be replaced by Jason DeRulo...only to be kicked out by Taylor or Gaga the following week. :)

And YAYYY for Ke$ha. It's about effing time! :)