Thursday, October 29, 2009

Album Review: Cheryl Cole - 3 Words (2/5)

Cheryl Cole has such a reptuable celebrity status--she's part of Britain's biggest girl band, she's a judge on Britain's talent show and we all love her. Her first album could have been something spectacular, maybe straying from the same vein as the work she's done with Girls Aloud--she doesn't have the best set of vocals but in today's pop music who needs to sound like Whitney or Mariah.

So Cheryl's first album, 3 Words, isn't terrible it's just uninspired and un-original. She switches up her pop past for a more frothy light R&B venture, which is ultimately the drive behind nearly all the songs on here, which leaves little distinction between the tracks. There's the good but could be better like the drum driven, "Parachute," which isn't bad--I like the melody, but it finds little vocal variation making it sound flat throughout. The piano key and bass laden "Happy Hour," which could have used a more forceful chorus to compliment its solid verses. Then there's the missable, such as "Don't Talk About This Love," is the albums slowest song and its most boring. "Make Me Cry," which as nice Kylie Minogue-esque sound, but the repetitve chorus isn't as effective as it could have been, but the cool retro vibe gives some diversity to the album. Electronic studded, "Boy Like You," is fun and upbeat, but maybe is more Lady GaGa than Cheryl, she sounds very akward.

I'm probably being too harsh, but I just can't get into it--the album needs a whole lot of bulking up, but there are a couple tracks I do like though. Title track, "3 Words," with Will.I.Am is pretty good. Lead single, "Fight for This Love," firey "Stand Up," and horn studded, "Rain On Me," are pretty good too, possibly the only moments where Cole shows true artistry, maybe not so much on "Fight for This Love," but definately on the others.

I'm maintaing hope that it might grow on me, but for the meantime, 3 Words, is sounding pretty lackluster. It reminds me of Victoria Beckham's first album, where she did the same thing, switching up pop or light R&B, only it didn't receive commercial success which is one of the perks of Cheryl Cole's career right now, whether anyone else thinks, 3 Words is a masterpiece or lackluster, it will sell regardless.

Best: 3 Words, Fight for This Love, Stand Up, Rain On Me


J.Mensah said...

I feel so bad right now, lol

rcLoy said...

J, I had a chance to listen to the whole album after the error of Last.FM offering this whole album as free download! Boy, what a waste of time downloading it. I've should have known that when the 1st single is really not that great. That directly proportionate to the quality of the whole album. *ehem*
Urgh, most of the track is "repetitive" and so "out of place", I can't even recall most of the chorus of the songs. Very over-hyped stuff since everyone is buzzing about her stuff way before the 1st single is out. Yet she still manage to score #1! WTF! There are so many good songs out there now~ =S

J.Mensah said...

You go Loy! haha! =] I sence your not too impressd with this either lol. I was pretty amazed that "Fight for This Love," sold the amount it did, and much to out disappointment it's on track for another week at #1--and the album is going to #1 this week too.

Do you have a favorite track at all, in the bunch?

rcLoy said...

Seriously, Fight For This Love is very unoriginal and sounds kinda dated, can you imagine if some new fresh artist comes up with that single as a debut, her/his career would evaporate more faster than ethanol~
I don't really recall much of the song from that album, the 1st track is very of out place, where is the chorus? I was searching for it but somehow it never arrived.
I don't think I will listen to it again, but hey, Rihanna, GAGA and LEONA is coming out with new album~ I would much prefer to spend my time on those albums, I'm very very sure that is going to be way better. For real.

J.Mensah said...

"evaporate more faster than ethanol" HAHAA!!!

Ohhh yeah, Leona has an album coming out I forgot. I don't understand why there's not much talk about it over here. The lead single "Happy" isn't getting played much. =[ whereas I've heard "Bad Romance" on the radio at least 5 times so far this week.

rcLoy said...

I think that "Happy" is not a song that have the capability to cause any major damage in the electro/pop market now. I really like it now. It's not those pop songs from Spirit that you will love once you listen to it the 1st time. It takes time, but heck, her album would definitely do well.
And of cos, Gaga, how can you not love her? Fame Monster would be incredible. LOL. I'm getting too excited. Haha.

ww_adh said...

I really like this album. It's not a knockout, but I think it has some good moments. My review is going up this morning.

jamesyoungmusic said...

Great review, check out mine on my blog- updatethebeat ;)