Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Alexandra Burke's Bad Boys video

Here's the video for recent X-Factor winner Alexandra Burke's video for her new single "Bad Boys" which surfaced a couple days ago, I managed to catch a first look at midnight on ITV. It's brilliant--I love the dancing, the strutting--definately not what I was expecting but very pleased. In other Burke news, Ken's Beat Review uncovered her debut album will be titled, Overcome, (click link to see the cover). If the songs are anything to say for the cover then I'm worried.


Paul said...

yes, she does frug her stuff which i am quite pleased about. better than the normal x factor winner video where they stand about looking penseive.

Poster Girl said...

I'm sure a million people have said this already, but I love the moment where she interrupts Flo Rida by shoving that guy through the wall.