Sunday, September 20, 2009

Album Review: Boys Like Girls - Love Drunk (3/5)

I was originally planning on giving the new Boys Like Girls album a miss--I loved the first single and title track "Love Drunk" but I assumed the album would be largely uninteresting. Awaiting my copy of Muse's The Resistance to arrive, I thought I'd give it a chance and the results are fairish.
Love Drunk, is the bands second album, mostly fixated with catchy, poppy hooks--the albums sound has been labeled 'emo-pop' with an absence of the tough edge (that similar bands such as Daughtry and Simple Plan seem to do so well with) to pursue a more distinctive pop sound that the teenage girls seem to thrive upon.
I liked the album more than I thought I would, but one problem that bugged me, that most pop/rock albums face was that the album was particularly samey--most of the songs stemming from the same type of sound, but within that I did manage to capture some favorites. The albums opener "Heart Heart Heartbreak" is a lighthearted number, fronted by your typical drums, airy electronic guitars and fun melody that make today's best pop/rock songs.
Title track "Love Drunk" is an obvious favorite, capturing that radio friendly breezy alternative rocker feel. Following is "She's Got A Boyfriend" which has a fantastic melody, with booming chorus to match, it's still guitar and drums with more emphasis on the drums.
Taylor Swift makes an appearance on the albums first ballad "Two is Better Than One" a sweet string and drum affair. It sounds like something Rascal Flatts would single, yes as you would expect with the Swift feature, there are some country influences which is a nice surprise, it's probably the most distinctive song on the album.
After the more standard rock sounding "Contagious" the rest of the album is just mostly filler. The only other notable track is the kiddish "Chemicals Collide" which I liked a lot and maybe the stripped down "Go" which is a nice juxtaposition of vocals and strings.
Love Drunk, isn't a terrible album, I'm sure it holds appeal to a large amount of music listeners, especially its target audience, but from a general music listener's point of view, it's just ok. I've also read it's an improvement from their first album.

Best: Love Drunk, Two is Better Than One, Heart Heartbreak, Chemicals Collide


Paul said...

I'm vaguely tempted by this album, might stream it on iTunes first (ahem) before I invest in a purchase :)

rcLoy said...

There are so many pop rock band that is in the same league with Boys Like Girls, I'm not that impressed with the stuff other than the 1st single, The Great Escape. Can't wait to check out Mika latest stuff though.

J.Mensah said...

Oh Paul, we don't do that illegal downloading shizzle now do we? lol

rcLoy, wow! I almost forgot about Mika's new album--I read a review about it on Paul's blog like a couple weeks ago and I was so set on getting it but it slipped my mind.