Saturday, August 22, 2009

What I'm listening to...

Haven't done this in awhile. Here is what I'm listening to these days:

"Hotel Room Serivce" Pitbull - The jaunty anthem stylings of "I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)" took awhile to grow me, but it did. "Hotel Room Service" sounds more fresh--despite its vulgar undertones, which is why I like it more.

"Goodbye" Kristinia DeBarge - I've been listening to this for awhile now. Kristinia DeBarge finally hits the UK with her debut single "Goodbye." The single became a top 20 hit in the US--hopefully the success can transfer to here. It's not a bad song, I like the electro stomp. Her vocals aren't bad either.

"Down" Jay Sean Featuring Lil' Wayne - Being a fan of his earlier work, Jay Sean's US debut "Down" is a slightly different venture--it's more dance-pop, kinda like Chris Brown's "Forever." Not bad.

"Run this Town" Jay-Z Featuring Rihanna and Kanye West - I just saw the gothic styled video to this song and it completely rocks. It's a great song, just the more reason for me to look forward to Jay-Z's forthcoming album.

"Good Girls Go Bad" Cobra Starship - This song is just awesome. Very catchy and electronically fueled.

"Slow Dance" Keri Hilson - Very different from "Knock You Down" and "Return the Favor." The new Keri Hilson single is more slower and sultry and whilst I like this a lot, I would pick "Make Love" another sultry and slow song on her debut album, In a Perfect World... over this.

"Break Up" Mario Featuring Gucci Mane and Sean Garrett - I didn't like this at first--it's definitely no "Let Me Love You." I thought it sounded dry and mindlessly beat-driven. I still don't like it that much, but I'm still listening to it quite a bit.

"Celebration" Madonna - From her upcoming greatest hits album, Madonna releases "Celebration" a great club channeled number.

"Sexy Bitch" David Guetta Featuring Akon - A very different sound from "When Love Takes Over" but it's still pretty cool. I love the energetic chorus and the thumping bassline throughout.

"Never Leave You" Tinchy Stryder Featuring Amelle (of the Sugababes) - Well, I love anything Tinchy Stryder does. This is just as good as "Number 1."

"Lovegame" Lady GaGa - After pevious doubts, "Lovegame" has been released in the UK as the follow to "Paparazzi" with the lyric "I wanna take a ride on your disco stick" still intact. I love this song. Ms. GaGa has yet to disappoint me.

"Out From Under" Britney Spears - I heard this was being used as promo single in Sweden in replace of "Radar."


rcLoy said...

Pitbull can't do no wrong in those clubbin hits department eh? I like that song too. =)

Seriously, Down is awesome but I much prefer the version without the Lil Wayne rap part. Have you heard of it?

My bestie totally hates the Cobra Starship song saying that the lyrics is stupid and idiotic. LOL. I dig it though. LOL.

Gaga is still the best. The Fame is totally worth it. 4 hits already, gotta Love it!

J.Mensah said...

I'm really beginning to take to Pitbull. He's really cool.

YESS!!! (as much as I love Lil' Wayne) I checked out the version without his part and it's better.

...and I belive the hits will keep on rolling as I hear there is gonna be a re-release.