Monday, August 03, 2009

What I'm listening to...

  • "Already Gone" Kelly Clarkson. I'm happy this has become a single, it was one of my favorites from, All I Ever Wanted, (along with the title track and "Cry"). It's a haunting--Beyonce "Halo" retread, Ryan Tedder collaboration. It's fantastic.
  • "Supernova" Mr. Hudson Featuring Kanye West. The London based artist, Mr. Hudson releases his breakthrough single "Supernova" a fantastic futuristic, but '80s tinged number, with a smashing chorus--of course featuring vocals from West. He's the second new artist to be signed to West's label (after Kid Cudi) who I've really liked. The song is taken from his forthcoming first solo album, Straight No Chaser, out in October.
  • "Remedy" Little Boots. Currently being cited as the UK's answer to Lady GaGa is newcomer Little Boots--I can see why, their styles are somewhat similar. Anyway, The new single "Remedy" is great, a fast paced, synth fronted number, I don't like it more than "New In Town" just to note.
  • "Never Forget You" Noisettes. "Don't Upset the Rhythm" was a fantastic song but I think the new Noisettes single is even better. A Duffy styled '70s influenced mid-tempo, I really love this. The chorus is brilliant. I just might buy their debut album, Wild Young Hearts, after all.
  • "Bonkers" Dizzee Rascal Featuring Armand Van Helden. At first I thought Dizzee Rascal's "Bonkers" was just annoying--but its--still annoyingly--energetic nature has grown on me, It's not as good as previous offerings, such as "Fix Up, Look Sharp" or the more recent "Dance Wiv Me" with Calvin Harris and Chrome.
  • "Jump" FloRida Featuring Nelly Furtado. Whilst I'm loving the new FloRida single "Jump," I do fear FloRida's sound is beginning to get repetitive--I mean, how long can he keep cutting the same upbeat dance tracks from the same formula ("Low," "In the Ayer" and "Right Round"). I figured this after seeing the video for the first time today--how long can he keep doing the same thing? however, I still love the song--maybe he needs a song with meaningful lyrical content to round out his music, like Ludacris' "Runaway."
  • "Ready for the Weekend" Calvin Harris. The new Calvin Harris song is awesome, I love the jaunty piano keys--backed bold synth. I can't wait for his upcoming second album of the same name.
  • "Here We Go Again" Demi Lovato. I'm not a fan of Demi Lovato, but I really this. It's the lead single from her new album of the same name, which opened at #1 in the US last week. The chorus is brilliant.
  • "Strawberry Swing" Coldplay. I seem to like this more now that it's become a single. It wasn't among initial favorites from the, Viva La Vida or Death and His Friends, album but I liked it. On a side not I hope "42" becomes a single or is it too late?
  • "Straight through My Heart" Backstreet Boys. Special thanks to rcLoy for bringing this to my attention. Backstreet Boys are returning with a new album, This Is Us, after 2007s attempt at a comeback with, Unbreakable, failed. The new song "Straight through My Heart" I've really gotten into, it sounds like Chris Brown's "Forever," it's definately more urban than we've ever seen them. I think this new album will sound like the latest NKOTB album, sadly.
"She Wolf" Shakira. I think I finally know what she's saying!
"Sweet Dreams" Beyonce.
"Radar" Britney Spears. Will this ever get old?
"Obsessed" Mariah Carey. I've had a sudden Mariah kick lately, I'm curently writing a review of my favorite album of hers, can you guess which one?
"Shatter'd" Tynisha Keli. Just as long as I know someone out there is also listening to this fantastic song then I'm happy (Mel.)
"Beat Again" JLS
"Man In the Mirror" Michael Jackson
"22" Lily Allen


Mel said...

Waaah, you really make me want to post about it, but I drag my feet with album reviews because they take me forever to write out. I don't know how you and Nikki and others crank them out the way you do -- I'm supremely jealous. ::Sigh::

Ditto to the majority of your choices (save the BSB track...I just can't get into it...I guess I'm just an *NSYNC girl for life. Heh) -- I've yet to hear any material from the Noisettes, and I've always wanted to because from the images I've seen, they seem so retro and cool.

Dang that "She Wolf". It's so catchy even though when I sing along, I feel like I'm singing nonsense. So I feel you on the "finally knowing what she's saying" front. Haha.

rcLoy said...

LOL at the Shakira song. I think I know it too.

And here I thought that Straight Through My Heart sounds like any RedOne track. It does sound like Forever and I think that's a good thing. I'm ready for a full blown BSB comeback. LOL.

Supernova is surprisingly catchy and Remedy should do the job of putting LB into the limelight. How I wish Stuck On Repeat was re-released instead. It's way more fun and addictive, but not the album version though. :S

J.Mensah said...

Mel, I think you should write about it--I've read and loved some pretty lengthy posts on your Blog ;). Lol! I guess I was never a boyband person, I was always into the girls (Britney ect.) You should check out the Noisettes their Great! Haha! I'm thinkin "She Wolf" has that effect on everybody! It's kinda funny!

rcLoy, it does don't it? I hope the albums going to be good. Hmm, I haven't heard the "Remedy" you're talking about--is it on youtube? The album version isn't bad though. "Stuck on Repeat" is fantastic! =]

rcLoy said...

I mean Little Boots's Remedy, I prefer this one so much more than New In Town. I'm just wondering that why La Roux, Gaga and Pixie is getting all this "recognition" but not Ladyhawke?? Hm...

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J.Mensah said...

Wrong! =]

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