Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Michael!

Today Michael Jackson would've been 51 years old. I've been listening to cuts from all his albums on my iPod all day--and there's been dedicated hours to him on music channels today. Here my 10 favorite MJ videos, in no particular order:


A heartfelt ballad, accompanied by a whimsical video, as Jackson reminisces about his childhood.The line: "before you judge me, try hard to love me" tears me up.

Remember the Time

I don't get to see the full video that often, it's incredibly shortened on television, but this is creativity at it's finest and this song just rocks.


What's to be said about this video that hasn't already been said. A truly groundbreaking piece of work. This is another video that I don't normally get to see the full version of.


I use to think this song use to suck, but obviously it did grow me. Seeing Jackson playing basketball almost makes him seem normal for awhile.

Black or White

This is a fantastic video--I like the whole multicultural vibe. The last scene of the different faces is pretty cool. I almost didn't recognize Tyra Banks in there.

Beat It

Another groundbreaking video.

Billie Jean

The video that broke racial boundaries--knowing what it achieved gives me goosebumps.

Smooth Criminal

I've tried to that slow motion slanting move so many times. This is a great video. The videos from, Bad, tend to be my favorites.

Leave Me Alone

Is just me, or does this seem a tad too futuristic for the '80s... it's probably just me.

You Rock My World

Updated, modern, classy. Love it!

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