Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Album review: Rebelution - Bright Side of Life (3.5 / 5)

I've never been into discovering new music that's not top 40, R&B, contemporary hip-hop or active rock, as much I have this year. I'm really enjoying it. Rebelution is a Santa Barbara based reggae band. They're style features a smooth blend of both reggae and light rock, broadening their sound slightly, which works wonders for their second album, Bright Side of Life. The album has yet to spawn any singles, so the highlights aren't so obvious--for the most part, the album runs seamlessly with tracks that sound more or less the same. The best track is "Lazy Afternoon" a lighthearted mid-tempo, smartly backed with twingy strings and an xylophone.

"Outta Control" another highlight, is underscored by jaunty piano keys and drums--giving off a live feel. "From the Window" isn't bad either, I like the electronic guitar which runs its course on the hook and chorus. The rest, while not bad, aren't necessarily standouts, "Bump" extracts from the same old, same old sound and could use a bit of trimming. Better tracks are "Dubzilla" an interesting track, merging instrumental, jazz and reggae elements together. The tile track is a nice breezy opener and the closing rack "Wake Up Call" is a drum, string and piano affair. Bright Side of Light, could've used a shake up in the differentiation between the tracks, but for the most part, It's not a bad album.

Best: Lazy Afternoon, Outta Control, From the Window, Dubzilla, Wake Up Call, More Than Ever, Bright Side of Life

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