Friday, July 10, 2009

What I'm listening to...

Here some newly added songs to my iPod over the course of the week...
  • "Love Drunk" Boys Like Girls. I'm really loving this song. A friend sent it to me via MSN on Sunday night, recommending I give, Boys Like Girls a listen. With my recent exanpsion in my musical taste, I shouldn't really be surprised I love this breezy alternative rock piece so much. It's got a brilliant chorus and melody. "Love Drunk" is the first single released from the bands forthcoming sophomore album, Love Drunk.
  • "Don't Trust Me" 30H!3. This song has actually been around since July last year, as I discovered a couple weeks ago, but it's only started receiving airplay in the UK not too long ago. 30H!3 are a brilliant electronic-pop band and this is a fantastic song. I'm planning check out their album, Want, soon.
  • "Goodbye" Kristinia DeBarge. I've listened to this a lot. Newcomer, Kristinia DeBarge I've unfairly overlooked over the past couple weeks, her debut single "Goodbye" is infact a pretty good offering. Thumping a catchy bassline, measuring out kinetic handclaps and sythn. I also like the chant of ("na na na") just after the chorus.
  • "We Don't Care" Akon. I never wanted to be the type that only noticed a good song when it became a single. Akon's "We Don't Care" has been on my iPod for awhile now (since I bought his latest album, Freedom) I haven't really paid it much attention until I heard it on the radio. I really like it. Aside from it being a bit more uptempo, it's not that different from "Right Now" or "Beautiful."
  • "Never Say Never" The Fray. Foolishly, I don't talk about rock band, They Fray as much as I should, they're a fantastic band. I only own a couple of their songs. "Never Say Never" is a beautiful song. Starting out a classic piano and vocal venture, eventually progressing into a more alternative style sound.
  • "Evacuate the Dancefloor" Cascada. I haven't really liked anything Cascada have put out since their smash "Every Time We Touch" (I didn't think "What Hurt the Most" wasn't as epic as the mass made out). "Evacuate the Dancefloor" is their best offering since "Touch."
  • "Sweet Dreams" Beyonce. As with most of the stuff on Beyonce's latest album, I Am... Sasha Fierce, I didn't like this to begin with, but it grown on me tremdously (the crappy video had nothing to do with it). It's a great song, backed with a fantastic, funky bassline.
  • "Hush Hush (I Will Survive Mix)" Pussycat Dolls. This is a nice offering from the girls. There really isn't much to it, apart from the simple link between dark R&B and the sudden change into light '70s influenced disco, featuring an embedded cover of Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive," It's really quite compelling.
  • "Diamond Rings" Chipmunk Featuring Emile Sande. I really wanted to hate this song, I really did. I'm not a fan of Chipmunk and I hated "Chip-Diddy-Dip" with a passion, but his latest "Diamond Rings" is actually quite decent.
  • "Work" The Saturdays. This isn't bad. The Saturday's new single "Work" is a firey pop song, with a great chorus, why couldn't I get behind this before?
  • 21 Guns - Green Day. Green Day's new single "21 Guns" is a brilliant ballad, maybe not as compelling as "When September Ends" but it's almost as good. I love the chorus and melody it contains.


Mel said...

1 - There is a band/musician named Chipmunk? ::stares::

2 - You didn't dig "Work" from the gate? Are you a Satz fan? I ADORE that song! Ditto to "Goodbye"...

3 - I can't stand the PCD but "Hush Hush" is crazy amazing. Especially the "I Will Survive" bit.

4 - I haven't listened to "Sweet Dreams" as much as I should but the few times I have...I dug it from first listen...unlike the rest of the "Sasha" singles...

5 - I'm not much for Boys Like Girls' new single, because I begrudgingly liked "The Great Escape" so much. You should spin that one, I think it's much better than "Love Drunk"...

J.Mensah said...

Yeah, lol Chipmunk is a UK grime artist. He's like... Tinchy Stryder, heard of him? he had the UK #1 recently called "Number One," only I've always thought he was better.

When I bought the album, I always skipped it -- but when it became a single I started listening to it more (I don't understand why I'm like that, it's weird)

"Hush Hush" is amazing! I'm really as much of a fan of PCD as I was a couple years ago.

Very pleased to hear you like "Sweet Dreams" everything Beyonce's put out this era has had to grow on me (exc. "If I Were A Boy")

Well, I should check that out!

ww_adh said...

PCD continues to surprise me. I wasn't very keen on "When I Grow Up," which got way overplayed, but I liked "I Hate This Part," "Jai Ho," and "Hush Hush."