Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Black Eyed Peas "I Gotta Feeling"

Following up to Black Eyed Peas' smash hit single, "Boom Boom Pow" is the latest from the forthcoming fifth album, The E.N.D. "I Gotta Feelin'," (check out video below) which succumbs to a more alternative routing-- pacing with strings in the beginning before bursting into its synthesized glory on the chorus. Whilst still repetitive, it's more lyrically structured than, "Pow." The obvious question is how will this chart in comparison to, "Pow"? While it sounds like a top 10, I doubt it will have the chart dominance of, "Pow."

Recent artists who have released singles that have topped the U.S. charts, haven't performed that well with their follow-ups --P!nk's ("So What") became her first #1, topping the chart for 1 week --her second single ("Sober") only reached #15. Britney Spears' ("Womanizer") became her first #1 in almost 10 years, topping the chart for 1 week --her follow-up ("Circus") managed a #3 peak (on download sales alone) but steadily descended out of the top 10. Kelly Clarkson's ("My Life Would Suck Without You") became her first #1 in almost 8 years, topping the chart for 2 weeks. Her second release ("I Do Not Hook Up") halted at #23. Lastly, FloRida's ("Right Round") topped the chart for 6 weeks, but his second release, ("Sugar") peaked at #5. It's only sensible to presume BEP will suffer the same fate, but who knows?


ww_adh said...

I'm not that into it. Maybe it will grow on me.

rcLoy said...

I think this is so much better than Pow. At least for now. LOL

It's better than Imma Be tho cos its such a Beyonce's Diva ripoff. LOL.

J.Mensah said...

hmm... split opinions.

I don't like, "Imma Be" at all. I HOPE its the only downfall on the upcoming album, I'm seriously looking forward to it.

rcLoy said...

ops.. I mean I gotta feeling is way better than Imma Be. LOL